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Beauty ABC  Camomile can alleviate a
Beauty ABC: Camomile
Camomile not only calms your stomach and gut. It’s a really versatile herbal remedy that can do lots more…
Beauty ABC  The basis for the
The beauty ABC: sea algae
The positive benefits of sea algae were already recognised in the 19th century. In 1867 the French doctor Bonardyur introduced the term "thalassotherapy" or “sea therapy”.
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Beauty ABC  Coffee contains the
The beauty ABC: coffee
Coffee was used as a natural remedy in Arabic medicine as far back as 900 AD. Later it was used in the cosmetics industry – first in household products, then in professional cosmetics.
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Beauty ABC  The composition of cedar
The beauty ABC: cedar oil
Ancient Egyptians knew the beneficial properties of cedar. At first cedar oil was used for embalming and later it was added to perfumes and cosmetics.
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Beauty ABC  In the cosmetics
The beauty ABC: almonds
Almonds are a very useful product and not only for eating. They have many beauty uses too. Almonds were used in beauty treatments in ancient Egypt before they gradually conquered the world.
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Beauty ABC   Vanilla blossoms only
The beauty ABC: Vanilla
Vanilla, which originates in Mexico and Central America, is now one of the most popular spices in the world. The ancient Indian tribes and Aztecs valued it not only for its flavour, but also…
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Beauty ABC  The Italians are very
The beauty ABC: bergamot
Bergamot belongs to the genus of citrus fruits. It was created in south east Asia by crossing bitter orange with lemon. The plant is more prevalent along part of the Italian coastline.
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Beauty ABC   According to Chinese
The Beauty ABC: ginseng
Ginseng ("zhen" in Chinese - "man", "shen" - "body") has been called the ‘root of life’ due to its wonderful properties and people have been using it for thousands of years. This multifaceted…
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Beauty ABC   The New Zealand teatree
The beauty ABC: Manuka honey
We all know that local honey is a natural healthy remedy and great all-rounder for beauty. But there’s something even better and it comes from New Zealand: manuka honey.
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Beauty ABC   The uses of green tea
Beauty ABC: green tea
In China they say that green tea makes your skin shine and your eyes sparkle. Green tea makes you beautiful from the inside and on the outside.
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Beauty ABC  There are many ways to
The beauty ABC: coconut oil
In Ancient Egypt coconut oil was one of prized as a rejuvenation remedy. So why shouldn’t we also use Cleopatra’s beauty secret?
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Beauty ABC  Argan oil is extracted
The beauty ABC: argan oil
The oil of the fruits of the argan tree is undoubtedly a ‘super ingredient’ and its usefulness has long been known. Argan oil comes from Morocco, where it is highly valued.
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Beauty ABC   Camomile contains
The beauty ABC: Camomile
Camomile is a universal natural remedy that is used in medicine and cosmetology. No wonder that it is one of the most favorite medical plants in Europe.
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