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healing plant

Beautiful thanks to aloe vera

Aloe vera- a name full of beauty and shine and deservedly so! The healing effects of this indestructible cactus-like lily from ancient Egypt have been known for thousands of years.
Beautiful thanks to aloe

source: MarsBars/iStock

Nefertiti and Cleopatra used the healing plant in cosmetics and Alexander the Great used it to treat his soldiers’ wounds. The plant’s many healing effects have been scientifically proven in numerous studies and in total 200 active ingredients have been identified in the miraculous plant that together produce its uniquely effective mechanism. Nowadays the plant is used in cosmetic products and medicines, so you and your skin can enjoy the double effect.

Aloe vera supports beauty Applied to the skin, the healing plant keeps skin fresh and vibrant. You can feel the stimulating effect as you apply it, how your skin and its cells are revitalised, how the vital forces are released in your body and your skin pulses. It’s no surprise as the numerous active ingredients are easily absorbed by the skin where they immediately get to work. Your cells start to regenerate anew, so each application of this healing plant is a rejuvenation treatment for your skin. Cell-Vital skin care „rose“ & moisturising spray Duo from Pharmos Natur supply nourishing moisture to your skin with aloe vera and restore its radiance and beauty. The unsaturated fatty acids in the plant combat skin ageing, improve the skin structure and encourage cell regeneration. The delicate fragrance of rose blossom and sesame will give you a feeling of well-being.  The combination of the healing plant and Nepalese tulsi herb and tea tree oil relieves skin inflammation and protects against harmful bacteria. The refreshing effect strengthens your mind and body, aiding concentration. You will begin to feel an all-round sense of well-being. 

So just as the plant is able to regenerate itself and heal cuts, it can also do this for people. It combats inflammation and blemishes on the skin and helps improve many skin disorders by returning the skin to its ideal consistency.  It also firms the skin, boosts production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which delays the appearance of new wrinkles and smooths out existing wrinkles. Anti-Ageing Repair Balm from Pharmos Natur harnesses the anti-ageing effect of the healing plant. It gives you the opportunity to pamper your skin with a regeneration and rejuvenation treatment and to cleanse your skin of any blemishes. Suitable for all skin types, the healing plant, together with other natural essences such as hyaluron and argan oil achieves its effect. It replenishes your skin’s moisture stores and holds the moisture for hours after application. Your skin becomes more elastic and smooth and protected against harmful influences.  The fountain of youth will make you feel reborn and great in your skin.

The wide ranging medical effects of this very special healing plant can be used not only on your skin but also as a healing juice.  Pharmos Natur offers you organic aloe vera juice, which contains potassium, sodium and glyco-nutrients that regenerate the skin from the inside.  The enzymes oxidase and amylase strengthen the body’s defences and its immune system. It gives your body numerous vitamins and nutrients.  In total, your body will receive at least 100 valuable nutrients.  Numerous skin blemishes and problems are caused by disorders of the blood or gut, which is exactly where the healing plant releases its effect, so by drinking the wonderful juice you strengthen not only your digestion and blood values, but also the natural vitality of your skin.

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