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Drink water for your beauty

Every woman wants beautiful, silky soft and smooth skin. Much money is spent on beauty care, which is of course very important. But the simplest, most widely accessible and free beauty product for your skin is often neglected.
Drink water for your

source: ridofranz/iStock

Beauty drink water

Water is more important to survival than food. Your body is about 70% water, your head up to 80%. Skin is the body’s largest organ and a third of body fluid is stored in the skin. So you need to compensate for water loss daily, preferably by drinking water. Coffee, wine, beer or even alcohol free drinks are not suitable. 
There is also fluid in food of course. Soups, vegetables or juicy watermelons in summer, cucumbers and more are good for your body. They give you vitamins and minerals that are vital and essential for keeping your skin looking fresh and healthy.
It is said that when your body feels thirsty it is already suffering from a fluid deficit. Every day you can see people on the street, particularly women and girls, who always carry a bottle of water. 


What does your skin need the fluid for?

Research has proven that blood supply in the skin is improved and so metabolism is activated. It boosts vitality. Skin that doesn’t have enough water looked crumpled, dull, lacklustre. Even little wrinkles are more visible than when the skin is well moisturised and the elasticity is increased.
Just 10 minutes after drinking water the oxygen supply, metabolism and reaction to light pressure are measurably improved. It is like a magic formula: plenty of fluid for beautiful skin.


How much water should you drink?

The information varies. At least 20-40 ml per kg of body weight is a good rule of thumb. So for a weight of 60 kg that is about 1.8 litres per day. Another easy way to monitor your fluid intake is to drink 250ml, so quarter a litre eight times a day. If you can’t estimate the amounts, pour a specific amount from a bottle or jug until you’ve drunk it by the evening. To improve the taste you can add a few drops of lemon, orange or lime juice.  Of course it should be mineral water rather than tap water that you drink plenty of to achieve or maintain radiant, beautiful skin. Healthy food, exercise and enough sleep will do the rest to give you youthful, beautiful skin.
Children and young people require more fluids. The elderly generally don’t drink enough water. This can lead to confusion. If your ankles swell in the heat, the cause could be a shortage of water. The body creates a fluid store so that it has reserves.

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