Beautiful hands in winter

Hand care for winter

Wind, frost and central heating can make your hands dry and rough. Effective and high quality hand care is crucial for avoiding this. We’ll tell you what products you can rely on in winter.
Hand care for winter

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In winter your hands and nails need special care. Cold weather and central heating diminish the skin’s moisture. The winter cold also makes sebaceous glands in the hands produce less oil. This leads to your hands becoming rough and cracked. To ensure that they don’t get that bad, your hands need preventative care. 



Remember to wear gloves. If your hands are warm they don’t get so dry in the cold. 



If dry areas develop on your hands, use a special hand scrub to remove the dry skin cells. This will make your hands silky soft again. 
Our recommendation: Magic Manicure Peeling from Alessandro International 



Rich hand cream

After a hand scrub you should rub a cream generously into your hands and nails.  
Our recommendation: Nourishing Hand Cream from Vetia Floris 



Hand washing

Washing your hands properly is an important part of hand care. Hot water draws the oil and moisture out of your skin. Soap can also disturb the balance of your skin’s protective barrier. So if you wash your hands frequently you should use a gentle hand soap or liquid soap that contains caring and nourishing ingredients. 
Our recommendation: Flora No.1 Hand Wash from Michell and Peach 



Nail care

Nails need extra care in winter too. So you need to rub cream into your nails as well as your hands regularly to prevent cracks and dryness.  A balanced diet is also essential for beautiful nails. 
Our recommendation: Unguent from Révérence de Bastien 

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