Innovative skin care


The new serums are more clever than ever: they identify damaged cells and target them. We’ll tell you who needs them and how they work...

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What is a serum exactly & how does it differ from a cream?

Serums have a higher concentration of active ingredients and a much lighter consistency than a cream. They are applied as additional care after cleansing and before a cream.


Who are they suitable for?

For anyone with a weakness like wrinkles, pigment spots or large pores. And serums are also good for young women (around twenty). 


What’s special about the new generation of serums?

The products work more individually. There are concentrates to suit every skin condition. New technologies allows them to identify damaged cells and repair them.


Our recommendations:

  1. Super Radiance Elixir from Vetia Floris: Intensive rejuvanation. 
  2. CAVIAR Double Effect Serum from It’s Skin: Vitalizes & strengthens the skin.
  3. Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Serum from It’s SkinImproves elasticity of the skin & minimizes wrinkles
  4. Gold Cellular Age Restore Face Serum from Ila Spa: Soothes & nourishes skin.
  5. Anti-Stress Serum from Pharmos Natur: Gives skin elasticity, radiance & brightness.
  6. Energizing Serum from Vetia Mare: Hydrates the skin & gives energy.
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