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Summer Must-Have - These beauty gems should be in every beach bag and make-up case.

summery skin care

Skin regeneration after the summer

Our skin looks its best when it’s sun-kissed. After the summer it is very thirsty and requires nutrient rich and moisturising intensive care.
Skin regeneration after

source: PeopleImages/iStock

The skin soaks up every drop of moisture like a sponge and shows its gratitude with a wonderful glow. To maintain this exceptional radiance we need the highly effective substances contained in masks, lotions, serums, creams, thermal water sprays and many other proven homemade methods. 


It is a simple truth that sunshine, water, sand and wind take a toll on our external appearance. A gently bronzed appearance will start to show its rough edges after the summer. Flakey skin signals an increased need for care. If you enjoy the sun on your skin you need to use regenerative care products after the holiday. Primarily there is an increased need for moisturisation to quench your skin’s thirst. You will also need cell protecting vitamins and minerals. These are components in good after-sun products and so you can continue using your favourite product of the season. Recommended care measures include gentle scrubs that remove loose skin particles and prepare the skin for subsequent treatments. 


Aloe vera gel provides particularly effective support for regeneration of summer skin. It moisturises skin gently and naturally and activates the absorption of the skin-nourishing ingredients in shea butter and avocado. The premium product range includes aloe vera products made of pure organic aloe vera. It combats free radicals and prevents the undesired oxidation process. It gives your skin the basis for quick and comprehensive regeneration. 


In the world of regenerating skin care products, alongside aloe vera,  green tea, calendula, witch hazel, macadamia and argan oil, vitamins A and E, algae, hyaluron and pathenol are also highly valued. .  For quick remedies, there are DIY methods such as masks, mineral and thermal water sprays or a traditional tea compress for your face and neckline.  A mask with avocado and oats is nourishing and caring. To make it you need half an avocado with half a cup of oats. Blend it well and apply. Avocados are real miracle workers for skin regeneration. A mixture of half an avocado, a teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon of quark and a teaspoon of lemon juice will give your beautiful summer skin natural ingredients to make it radiant again. 


If you want to prolong the golden summer tones of your complexion you can use a self-tanner combined with nourishing creams and serums. The general rule is to apply plenty of cream. As well as creams and lotions, fine oils are ideal for nourishing stressed summer skin. Oil in water products have the benefit of being more moisturising than pure oils. If you love an extra freshness kick, spray your face and body with a moisturising spray after the oil treatment.

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