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Bridal beauty

The perfect pre-wedding beauty programme

Beautiful bride: Are there wedding bells in your future? Follow the steps in our four-week bridal beauty guide and you'll be a breathtaking beauty on your big day.
The perfect pre-wedding

Source: Shutterstock/Sofia Andreevna

We say 'yes': to exclusive bridal beauty treatments

Wedding bells, a dazzling white dress and an unforgettable celebration: without a doubt, the best day of a woman's life is her wedding day. When the moment finally comes for the bride and groom to gaze deeply into each other's eyes and speak the magic words, there's not a dry eye in the house. But there's a lot left to do before the ceremony to celebrate your love -- after all, every bride wants to reach the altar looking her best. We've created the perfect beauty programme for the last four weeks before your big day. It has everything a woman could want: wonderful relaxation, exclusive face and body treatments, and a special detox programme to flush out toxins and impurities. Before you say 'I do', you'll find your inner balance -- and kick off the next chapter of your life looking flawless!


Beauty tips: 4 weeks before the wedding

You've ordered the flowers, picked out your dress and finally have some time just for you. Make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime chance to put your beauty and wellness first. And what better way to seize the moment than start a detox programme? Cleansing your body will leave you feeling lighter, fitter and more relaxed. It also benefits your hair and skin by restoring their natural lustre. Our tip:

  • Detox capsules: Nutritional supplements from the brand Gegengift, available in capsule form, deliver a vital boost that beautifies skin from the inside out. You'll experience rejuvenating effects from head to toe -- inner balance and outer beauty. 
  • Detox tea: Essential amino acids, antioxidants, calcium and iron guarantee that your entire body will feel great. Detox tea by Gegengift purifies, soothes and converts stress into a balanced energy flow.
  • Brush massage: Boost your skin's elasticity with a massage ritual. The brush massage stimulates your lymphatic system to release toxins more effectively -- leaving you with smooth, soft skin. Just brush before showering. Our favourite: the Body Brush by Aromatherapy Associates.
  • Full-body peel:  Ila Spa Body Scrub ForEnergising and Detoxifying truly revitalises your skin. Enriched with Himalayan salt crystals and precious argan oil, it nourishes your entire body. It also kicks your immune system up a notch! Use once a week until the wedding.
  • Facial peel: Ila Spa Face Scrub For Glowing Radiance is a luxurious cleanser that smooths and nourishes your face. It sloughs off dead skin cells for a silky, refreshed feeling. Use once a week to ensure you'll head down the aisle with glowing skin.
  • Skincare: Your skin needs special care. With a slight glow, it will radiate even more beautifully in your wedding photos. Prestige Lotion Corps d'Escargot by It's Skin smooths skin to make you feel great -- and turn heads. The cream even fades scars and pigmentation. The highlight: snail secretions as a 'special ingredient'. 


Beauty tips: 1 day before the wedding

It's almost here: the long-awaited day! Don't be nervous -- just relax. And give your body some 'last-minute' pampering so that you'll glide down the aisle in top form. Our tip:

  • Bathing ritual: You're the bride, and tomorrow is your day. Treat yourself to something special: a hot, relaxing bath. Aromatherapy Associates Bath & Shower Oil (Deep Relax) will help you slip into a restful sleep. Relax your body and soul in luxury with wild chamomile, sandalwood and vetiver. 


Beauty tips: on your wedding day

Hearing wedding bells already? That's no surprise – in just a few hours you'll be a beautiful bride heading down the aisle. Exclusive beauty products will guarantee that your skin shines as brightly as your smile. Our tip:

  • Face mask: The Prestige Masque d'Escargot face mask by It's Skin helps calm your skin. It hydrates, protects and regenerates skin cells. The mask's star ingredient is mucin (snail filtrate), one of the most-loved beauty secrets from Korea.
  • Eye patches: Gear up for the beautiful moments ahead by relaxing your eyes! The Prestige Eye Masque d'Escargot by It's Skin can help. The eye patches hydrate your skin and gently soften wrinkles. They'll make your eyes sparkle!
  • Facial serum: Every beauty ritual deserves a fabulous finish. The Prestige d’Escargot Finale serum by It's Skin nourishes and invigorates the skin with regenerating snail secretions. It gives your face extra moisture, radiance and luminosity. 

Have a wonderful wedding day!

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Prestige Eye Masque d’Escargot (Inh.5 Stk) von It's Skin
Eye pads

Gel eye mask that contains an extract of snail secretion.
Prestige d’Escargot Finale von It's Skin
Regenerating facial care

Happy ending – Finale gives you an extra fresh shine at the end of your beauty ritual.
Prestige Masque d’Escargot von It's Skin
Face Mask

Moisturising and nourishing fabric based face mask with snail extract.
Face Scrub For Glowing Radiance von ILA Spa
Face scrub

Exquisite scrub containing Cotswolds honey, blackcurrants and Damascus rose for a radiantly…
Prestige Lotion D'Escargot I (Légère) von It's Skin
Skin Firming Lotions

Firms, regenerates and reduces skin blemishes, thanks to innovative formula - to fall in…