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workout motivation

Tips for achieving the perfect stomach

Many women want a flat stomach, but they very soon find out that it requires a lot of work and motivation. This article describes how it can be achieved and suggests some useful exercises. 

Tips for achieving the

source: iStock

What stomach muscles are there?

To get a flat and defined stomach it is useful to know what the various stomach muscles are. This is important so that you can do the right exercises. There are straight, diagonal stomach muscles and horizontal ones. A good stomach muscle training programme should exercise all the areas equally. Ten minutes per exercise day should be enough to strengthen and tighten the muscles. You should use a yoga mat as the floor is too hard for some exercises.

What else should you do?

As well as exercises, which we’ll describe in more detail later, you also need the right diet. It will be more difficult if you eat a lot of fatty food every day. You should also do
endurance sports. It is enough to go for a jog two to three times a week. Alternatively, walking or swimming. Like with jogging, they burn a lot of calories and break down fat deposits. As with stomach exercises, you should have a day of rest between the training days to allow the muscles to regenerate. 
What exercises are good for stomach training?

Exercise 1: pulled in stomach

For the "pulled in stomach" you first need to go on all fours. Now breathe in slowly through your nose and pull in your stomach. Hold it for 10 seconds. Now rest for about 90 seconds before the next set. In the beginning you should do this exercise three times in total.

Exercise 2: crunches with a chair

For this exercise lie on your back, bring your legs to a 90 degree angle and put your heels on a chair. Put your hands on your temples. Now tense your stomach, breathe deeply and bring your upper body upwards. When you reach the upper point, go back to your starting position and breathe out as you relax your upper body. Do the exercise in three series, each with 20 repetitions and a 90 second break between each. 

Exercise 3: angled Sit-ups

To do angled sit-ups, lie on your back. Now lift your left leg to a right angle.  Put your right leg on your left knee and your left hand onto your temple.  Now put your right hand on your hip.  Tense your stomach in this position and breathe in. Now raise your upper body, put your left elbow onto your right knee and breathe out. Before repeating the exercise on the left side, return to your starting position. Initially, you should do 10 repetitions on each side, with 90 seconds break after each set.

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