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Vetia Mare: Beauty power from the sea

Vetia Mare is a luxury Swiss beauty brand that uses valuable ingredients from the sea. The sea contains a multitude of organisms that have healing effects on the skin.
Vetia Mare: Beauty power

Vetia Mare has been developed on the principles of Derme Oceanic Science. The regenerative effects of biologically active components from ancient deep-sea organisms are harnessed in these products. Vetia Mare is the first luxury skincare based on purely organic sea components. Vetia Mare uses algae, jellyfish and plankton in its revolutionary luxury skincare which is particularly beneficial for mature skin. Vetia Mare’s series has the regenerative, firming properties of anti-aging care.  


Brightening eye-lift serum

The deeply effective serum restores the radiance of your eyes. Ingredients from microalgae help to improve the structure of the eye area. They strengthen the surrounding tissue and support the collagen network under the skin. Dark eye circles are reduced and fine wrinkles are smoothed out. Substances from seaweed form a protective moisture barrier to protect the optimal moisture level in the particularly thin and sensitive skin around the eyes. 


Moisturizing Refining Enzymatic Peel 

This product is a real allrounder: it is a mild scrub with a deeply cleansing effect. It minimises and refines the pores. The Moisturizing Refining Enzymatic Peel contains extracts from green and red algae. The complex combination of active ingredients means that the scrub provides effective protection against oxidative and mechanical skin damage and supports skin regeneration. The enzymatic scrub is ideal for every skin type as an addition to your daily cleansing.  


Energizing Serum 

The high quality serum contains a balanced combination of sea ingredients from brown algae and seaweed. They improve the skin’s structure, support skin functions, stimulate the natural defense systems of the skin, provide energy and long-lasting moisturisation. The company’s own combination of sea plant extracts combats skin and cell ageing and so reduces wrinkles and fine lines, giving you a healthy, radiant complexion. 


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Brightening Eye Serum

The eye serum  for a youthful look
Moisturizing refining enzymatic peel

The innovative, luxurious Gel-to-Milk formulation for more radiance
Energizing Serum

The pampering texture in a first class face cream