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Food  Their ingredients
Superfood: grape seeds
The seeds and skin of wine grapes have many health and beauty benefits. They are rich in secondary plant substances, primarily polyphenols. They also have high levels of vitamin E. That makes…
Food  Health and beauty go
Superfood: Shiitake
A good diet is important to ensure that you feel great in your own body. Balanced meals with healthy ingredients that also taste good are the key.
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Food  In fact, one of the
Superfood: dandelion
In today’s fast-paced, high-stress world, it’s not always easy to eat healthy. But with a few simple tips, you'll be able to do something positive for your health and beauty in no time at all!
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Food  Coconut sugar is an
Coconut palm sugar: the new superfood
Coconut blossom sugar is a healthy alternative for anyone who wants to do without conventional sugar but not without the sweet side of life.
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Food  Read on for more on the
Superfood: Acerola
Acerola is considered a 'superfood' thanks to its very high vitamin C content. Because it is a richer source of vitamin C than any other plant, it provides a host of health and beauty…
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Food   In recent years
Superfood for the skin: sweet potato
We’ve all heard the mantra “beauty comes from within”. There’s a lot of truth in these words, so we should take them onboard, because the food we eat every day affects not only our body,…
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Food  The Smoothie Bowl
Green Smoothie Bowl
Everyone is talking about green smoothie bowls. The green wonder breakfast looks amazing but is super healthy, variable and filling. This is how you do it...
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Food   Tomatoes can help to
Superfood for your skin: tomatoes
Tomatoes give us vitality and energy. They have many positive effects on our health and appearance. That’s why they’re called a superfood.
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Food   Under its dark green to
Superfood for your skin: avocado
Originally from Mexico, the avocado has recently enjoyed unparalleled success. And there are good reasons for the popularity of this unusual fruit.
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A healthy diet keeps you young. But which foods also give you a beautiful complexion? Which should you avoid? Our Look Beautiful Team shares their top tips with you.
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A healthy diet keeps you young. But which foods also give you a beautiful complexion? Which should you avoid? Our Look Beautiful Team shares their top tips with you .
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Food   Vanilla blossoms only
The beauty ABC: Vanilla
Vanilla, which originates in Mexico and Central America, is now one of the most popular spices in the world. The ancient Indian tribes and Aztecs valued it not only for its flavour, but also…
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Food  The Italians are very
The beauty ABC: bergamot
Bergamot belongs to the genus of citrus fruits. It was created in south east Asia by crossing bitter orange with lemon. The plant is more prevalent along part of the Italian coastline.
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Food   The New Zealand teatree
The beauty ABC: Manuka honey
We all know that local honey is a natural healthy remedy and great all-rounder for beauty. But there’s something even better and it comes from New Zealand: manuka honey.
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Food  We use the most
How to eat for your beauty
Counting calories is so over. From now we’ll be watching our nutrient intake closely. Because it’s these nutrients that make us more beautiful.
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Food    Why does coffee cause
Coffee — is it our friend or foe?
The dream of having extra hours in the day led to the discovery of external stimulators. Coffee is one of the most popular stimulants.
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