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Body Oil

Pampering bath and body oils

Skin care doesn’t stop at your neck. Most women know that and use lots of cream to look after the skin all over their body.  But in recent years, care oils in particular have become increasingly popular. Why is that?

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Opale Caress (Anti-Cellulite Oil)

French luxury care for smooth skin by OPALE Monaco, featuring stimulating ethereal oils.

Detox Europea
Skin care

Detox Europea skin oil. Detoxifying. This exclusive oil made from black sesame seeds unblocks...

Coming soon!
Sparduo - Bath & Shower Oil (De-Stress Muscle) & Relax Candle

Exclusive aromatherapy duo with natural essences, which envelops your body and soul in a royal...

Coming soon!
Bath & Shower Oil Deep Relax & Relax Candle Duo | Aromatherapy Associates

Deep Relax Care with a bouquet of natural oils and a sensual scented candle.

Coming soon!
Duo - Bath & Shower Oil Light Relax  & Relax Candle | Aromatherapy Associates

Body Care with pure natural powers combined with a sensual scented candle that relax the body...

Coming soon!
Duo - Bath & Shower Oil De-Stress Mind & Relax Candle | Aromatherapy Associates

A delicate fragrant spa experience with the essential shower and bath oils and a sensual...

Celeste - Leg Shimmer Dry Oil | LOOK BEAUTIFUL PRODUCTS

Celeste - Leg Shimmer Dry Oil is light nourishing dry oil for irritated and dry skin.

Detox EUROPEA Entschlackungsöl

Face and body oil with a skin-tightening effect. The...

Bath & Shower Oil (Revive evening) | Aromatherapy Associates

The exotic Revive Evening Bath & Shower Oil with Sensual oriental oils activates new life...

Bath & Shower Oil (Inner Strength)  Aromatherapy Associates

Delicately aromatic oils for your holistic path to inner strength and serenity

Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection | Aromatherapy Associates  

The whole world of aromatherapy in 10 Bath & Shower Oils

Bath & Shower Oil (Support Breathe)  | Aromatherapy Associates

Breathe freely and feel pampered with the essential Bath & Shower Oil „Support...

Bath & Shower Oil (Support Equilibrium) Aromatherapy Associates

Uplifting bath and shower oil that calms and relaxes with the power of essential oils.

Bath & Shower Oil (Revive Morning) Aromatherapy Associates

An aromatic energy boost for your body and mind with the Bath & Shower...

Flora No. 1 Badeöl

Exquisite scented bath oil to enhance mind-body balance - yes, please!

Bath & Shower Oil (Light Relax) Aromatherapy Associates

Exclusive & high-quality body, & shower oil with natural essences, which relax your...

Bath & Shower Oil (Deep Relax) Aromatherapy Associates

After a hard working day, deeply relaxed, soothed and recovered - this nourishing and...

Bath & Shower Oil (De-Stress Muscle) Aromatherapy Associates

Perfect body and bath oil for stressed body muscles to relax and care and for make them fit...

Bath Oil For Glowing Radiance von ILA Spa
Bath oil

Enriched with tuberose and vetiver, experience exotic relaxation with this bath oil.

Bath & Shower Oil (De-Stress Mind) Aromatherapy Associates

Exclusive body oil and bath oil with natural essences, which relax your body and mind and...

Body oils are currently having a real revival. That’s largely because the formula has changed. Not too long ago oils would leave your skin feeling sticky. They were rich and also slowly absorbed by the skin, sometimes not at all.  But they had a great effect on skin, so the formula was developed until care oils could be perfectly integrated into daily body care. 

A good care oil is quickly absorbed and doesn’t leave a film on the skin. Dry oil is the refined version of these oils and it is absorbed during application. So the oil can be used in the morning after showering and you can put your jeans on immediately afterwards. 

But what advantages does it have over normal body lotions or creams? Of course it’s a matter of personal taste, but some body oils are more nourishing than normal creams.  It depends of course on the ingredients.  The usually comprise 100% pure oil. Often it depends on the mix. Almond oil and olive oil are the main components in care oils. 

But ingredients such as vitamin E, which is in many oils, nourish and repair the skin, as well as firming it.  In summer body oils, perhaps even with a light shimmer, can support a healthy tan. 

Coconut oil is another popular ingredient in care oils. Its smell delights the senses and it also nourishes the skin. 

The uses for body oil are very varied. Depending on your need, it goes beyond general care. Birch oil is particularly good for cellulite. Gently firming and smoothing, after a while you will see visible changes. Pomegranate oil also supports the skin’s natural elasticity and protects it with antioxidants against free radicals. If you are mainly interested in relaxation and calm, you should choose an oil containing lavender. A gentle massage supports the relaxing effect and works like a wellness treatment.

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