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Body Sculpting

For many women, a groomed appearance includes well-defined body contours and smooth skin. Due to the effects of hormones, women tend to get slack connective tissues, cellulite, love handles and water retention in the skin tissue. You don’t need to simply remove them; special products can effectively prevent them.

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In recent years great progress has been made in cosmetics, so body care products that combat cellulite can do much more than just firming skin a bit:  High tech creams are full of active ingredients that give you a slimmer silhouette and so can be called body sculpting products.

Cellulite occurs when fat cells press against the surface of the skin in connective tissue and cause dimples. Circulation is largely poor in the areas where cellulite occurs, so water retention also arises. Firming creams, gels and serums combat the appearance of cellulite on many levels: Firstly, they smooth and firm the surface of the skin, making it look even. Secondly, the highly concentrated ingredients such as caffeine combat fat cell deposits in the skin tissues which cause the unsightly dimples. Body sculpting products stimulate lipolysis (the breakdown of fats) in skin cells and so can give a visible reduction in stubborn love handles. Body sculpting products also boost the metabolism and circulation in the skin. Firming creams also combat water retention in the tissues, which results in defined, smooth contours. 

As with all cosmetic products, they should be used regularly to achieve optimal results.  Ideally, apply the body sculpting product after a body scrub in circular motions to enable the skin to absorb the active ingredients quickly. If used once to twice a week, highly effective body creams can achieve visible results within four weeks. To increase the effect of firming creams, use a massage glove or massage tool to massage your thighs and bottom to stimulate skin metabolism and micro-circulation so that toxins are eliminated from the tissues. 

Modern body sculpting creams visibly improve the skin structure, reduce cellulite, firm the body contours and give you a well-defined figure.

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