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Beautiful and healthy feet are vital to feeling good in your own skin and being able to relax. If you’re looking for high quality foot care products from exclusive brands known for their excellent cosmetics and care products, than Look Beautiful is the place for you, because our shop offers a wide range of luxurious foot care.

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Hornhautfeile Bio-Sana
Foot care

Leave your feet feeling fantastically velvety-soft with the...

Nature’s Miracle - Varicose Vein Treatment Cloud 9 Skin Solutions
Body cream

Nature’s Miracle offers superfast relief from the soreness...

Fluent® Conditioning Laquer Remover
Nail polish remover

Natural nail polish remover containing Italian mandarin oil for...

One Minute Pedicure | Alessandro International  |  Look Beautiful  Products
Foot scrub

In just 60 seconds this aromatically scented sloughing foot...

All-In-One Set Foot Fetiche
Foot care Set

The ideal all-in-one foot care set, which restores the...

Baume Bliss  Foot Fetiche
Foot cream

Baume Bliss relieves painful feet, restores suppleness, prevents...

Le Baume - Sensitive Feet Balm | LOOK BEAUTIFUL PRODUCTS
Foot care

Against dry skin, heavy legs effect, nail degeneration and...

Foot Fitness | Révérence de Bastien | LOOK BEAUTIFUL PRODUCTS
Foot care

Relieves the pain caused by tight shoes, high heels and eases...

Onguent | Révérence de Bastien | LOOK BEAUTIFUL PRODUCTS
Nail care

Feeds and protects the nail plate texture and helps prevent...

Scrub Sensation Fußpeeling von Foot Fetiche
Foot scrub

A foaming mineral exfoliating scrub which eliminates dead skin...

Heel Renaissance  Foot Fetiche
Foot cream

This cream favours cellular renewal and helps to provide instant...

Visionarer Cleanser
Nail cleanser

Natural innovation: cleanser made from juniper berry oils for...

Foot file

Organic professional file for gentle removal of callused skin on...

Coming soon!
Sole Mate - Fußbalsam
Foot cream

Wake up! With Sole Mate, tired and dry foot skin glows again,...

Look Beautiful - Fabulous Feet

A glamorous performance every time – Look Beautiful...

Heel Repair Socks von Alessandro International

Soft heels become a reality with the moisturising Heel Repair...

Coming soon!
Foot Peel

Goodbye to calloused skin! The highly effective gel gives you...

Reverence de Bastien Talc – Silky Foot Talcum Powder
Foot powder

Excellent! The talcum powder with soothing essential oils...

PEDIX Foot Gel von Alessandro International
Foot care gel

High-quality intensive foot care gel with Spirulina microalgae,...

Coming soon!
PEDIX Foot Mousse Alessandro International
Nourishing mousse

Make your feet happy with the intensive foot care mousse which...

Black Diamond Scrub (Körperpeeling)
Foot scrub

Invigorating luxury scrub containing black volcanic sand and...

Reverence de Bastien Nail brightness Cream
Nail care

Exclusive nail care polish with fine mother-of-pearl to give...

We stock brands such as Alessandro International - nail cosmetics, SpaRitual, Bio-Sana, Foot Fetiche and Révérence de Bastien. All these brands offer cosmetics and care products of high quality and  impressive foot care. Alessandro International offers a wonderful range of products for your pedicures, to give your toenails new shine.  Révérence de Bastien offers highly effective care products for foot care that will wow you with their natural ingredients and lovely fragrances. Foot Fetiche also have products for you if you want to treat your feel well.   This brand offers products such as callus removers, foot scrubs, foot care gels, foot powder or products for pedicures, everything you need for some extra care. SpaRitual’s foot care products are all about natural and vegan ingredients and organic quality. That’s what makes the beauty products from this brand stand out, such as their foot balm, foot file, foot creams or foot scrubs, which make rough feet beautifully soft again. Bio-Sana offers high quality foot files and callus removers that are essential for good foot care and perfect for treating rough feet. If you often suffer from tired feet, then you need some soothing foot care from our online shop. A high quality foot care gel or cooling foot balm from Look Beautiful’s luxurious foot care can help give your feet some well-earned soothing and relaxation. Our beauty products are perfect for giving your feet some extra care. Whether it’s high quality foot creams, foot powders or foot balms, our highly effective care products give your feet exactly what they need and make tired feet beautiful and strong again even after a long and tiring day. There’s also a wonderful range of great products for your toe nails that are not only effective, but also lovely to use. Effective foot care with our pleasant smelling products with their light texture and natural ingredients becomes a sensual and very relaxing experience.

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