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A good scrub gives you beautiful, healthy skin and is part of a healthy body care routine. If used weekly, it gives you a radiant complexion. Your skin becomes soft and smooth and it stimulates the blood circulation. It also increases your general well-being and combats cellulite. In our range you’ll find a wide range of scrubs, with the right product for your skin and lifestyle. Look Beautiful is a luxury online cosmetics shop that offers a wide range of scrubs. If necessary, ask a specialist about your skin type so that you can choose the right product for your needs. If you’re vegan, we can recommend a vegan scrub.

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Neues Produkt
Himalayan Salt Scrub | Eco By Sonya | Look Beautiful Products

A powerful detoxifying and cleansing scrub which has a restorative effect on skin, promoting cell renewal, normalising the water balance,...

Stenders Bath Brush

Stimulate your blood circulation with a soft brush massage to achieve a fresher complexion.

Neues Produkt

An effective cleanser for soft and smooth skin, where excess skin cells are thoroughly and gently removed.

Neues Produkt
Peelinghandschuh First Class | Spa Maroc | Look Beautiful Products

An effective cleanser for soft and smooth skin, where excess skin cells are thoroughly...

Sparduo - Bath Brush & Skin Tight Bodylotion

High-quality massage brush combined with a body tightening Bodylotion in five shimmering shades.

Foot Fetiche Set

The ideal all-in-one foot care set, which restores the suppleness of the feet, nourishes, protects and provides moisture at the same time.

Scrub Sensation

A foaming mineral exfoliating scrub which eliminates dead skin cells from the feet.

Heel Renaissance

This cream favours cellular renewal and helps to provide instant relief for very dry skin.

Close Your Eyes

Luxurious natural scrub containing sugar crystals for pure, silky soft skin.

Infinitely Loving

Vegan sugar crystals scrub for youthfully soft skin all over you body.

Coming soon!
Foot Peel

Goodbye to calloused skin! The highly effective gel gives you baby-soft skin like after a professional pedicure.

Black Diamond Scrub (Körperpeeling)

Invigorating luxury scrub containing black volcanic sand and mother-of-pearl for velvety soft feet with a delicate aroma of sage!

Stenders Massage Brush

Stimulate your blood circulation with a soft brush massage to achieve a fresher complexion.

Coming soon!
Body Scrub For Energising And Detoxifying

Sumptuous body peeling with Himalayan salt crystals and precious argan oil for silky smooth skin.

Instinctual® Sand Scrub

Give your skin pampering that is fit for a king with this smoothing sand exfoliant by SpaRitual – including that South Sea feeling!

Stenders Massage Glove

High quality massage glove made from sisal and horsehair for silky smooth skin.

Scrubs from Look Beautiful offer:

silky smooth skin with a luxurious natural scrub, such as the vegan scrub or BODYSCRUB, which contains special ingredients such as Himalayan salt crystals and high quality argan oil.  If you use a body scrub regularly you can achieve an anti-cellulite effect and  enhance your summer bikini look with silky smooth skin. A scrub removes dead skin cells and makes your complexion more even. A luxurious natural scrub is particularly gentle on the skin. It gently removes dirt and exfoliates the surface of the skin, giving you an even complexion. It has other effects on your skin, because the exclusive ingredients in select scrubs ensure effective beauty care.

A body scrub from Look Beautiful, the luxury online cosmetics shop, is a great addition to your conscious body care. It removes dead skin cells, making your complexion more even. The scrubs are particularly gentle on the skin. Every time you use a scrub it stimulates blood circulation and makes your skin soft and smooth. BODYSCRUB For Energising And Detoxifying is revitalising, giving you especially soft skin. A good scrub enhances a good bikini look in the summer. Scrubs also have an anti-cellulite effect. So they combat cellulite and gently removes dirt, giving you a radiant complexion. Feel great in your skin! A luxurious natural scrub improves your complexion and increases general well-being. It’s clear to see from the skin and smile of scrub users.

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