APOT.CARE Paris brings fresh radiance to your skin with anti-ageing care and anti-wrinkles solutions. The French luxury brand uses innovative ingredients from opthalmology as the basis for their high-quality facial care. Patented recipes are particularly tailored to the needs of stressed facial skin and the sensitive eye area. Founder Antoine Le Galloudec focuses not only on external treatments – the Detox Drainer Cure provides natural nutritional supplements that detoxify sustainably and support all-round physical wellbeing.

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APOT.CARE Paris stands for:

  • The philosophy „medicine meets cosmetics“
  • effective new generation anti-ageing treatments
  • patented recipes & proven effectiveness
  • timeless beauty for women of every age
  • exquisite skin care from the inside and out

Anti-ageing – From Paris with love

Countless features in international magazines including Vogue, Haper’s Bazaar, Elle, New York Times, Marie Claire, Madame, Grazia and Cosmopolitan show the luxury brand’s international success story. APOT.CARE Paris is a global ambassador for timeless beauty – with french elegance and a great understanding for effective beauty formulas.

Medicine meets cosmetics

Founder Antoine Le Galloudec is committed to developing anti-ageing cosmetics. The formulas are created from an understanding of opthalmology combined with innovative ingredients. From caffeine to hyaluronic acids – sophisticated recipes combat the ageing process, whether as a serum, mask, eye patches, cream or cleanser. The exquisite Parisian cosmetics have a smoothing, revitalising, firming effect on the complexion.

The special features of APOT.CARE Paris

We’re all aware of the signs of ageing. But we don’t want to see them. APOT.CARE Paris supports women of every age, whether you’re 30, 40 or 60, to maintain a youthful appearance. And to achieve a radiance that reflects your inner vitality. The French beauty brand is continually developing products to reduce wrinkles and firm the complexion from the inside and out. Très bien!

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