The Spanish brand Dessata stands for exciting design and hair care without pain. The individual brush shape with elastic bristles of various lengths detangles hair in seconds without  pulling or breaking it. The brushes are ideal for particularly sensitive children’s hair. The eye-catching Dessata brushes come in bright colour combinations and creative pattern mixes. Elegant metallic editions such as bronze or rose gold enhance the unusual collection and will delight beauty queens with exquisite taste.

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The special features of Dessata:

  • Innovative detangling brushes from Spain
  • Hair care that doesn’t yank or break hair
  • Ergonomic brush shape
  • Bright colours and fun prints
  • Ideal for children

Detangle hair without yanking

It’s easy for hair to get tangled, particularly after washing. And then what we all want is a quick and simple solution. Also when we’re out. Everyone who’s familiar with this problem will breathe a sigh of relief with the Dessata brush. The special brush shape was designed to quickly remove knots without pain. The secret is: 440 flexible bristles in three different lengths. They’re made from a special gel and they separate all the strands effortlessly as they move through the hair. No broken hair. No yanking. And highly effective.

Ergonomically designed for better holding

Who needs a brush handle? Dessata bruhses don’t and for a good reason. The ergonomic design means that the brushes fit perfectly into the palm, making them easier to hold, so that tangly hair can be brushed gently and easily. Whether you have thin hair, curly hair, brittle or coarse hair, the Dessata provides the best care for all hair types.

Bright artworks for the hair

Avant garde meets design. Dessata is not shy, but shouts loudly: pop art! Cheerful colours make the stylish detangling brushes unmistakable and a real statement piece. Fuchsia with violet. Turquoise with sun yellow. And if you really want to stand out, you can choose one of the unique arty prints. In short: this accessory makes you stand out and makes your hair completely happy.

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