Bye Bye cellulite! L.A. Skinny was developed by a team of cosmetic medicine specialists as an innovative method for reducing cellulite. The clinically proven skin care provides effective treatment without invasive procedures, so it’s a gentle treatment for those who’d rather avoid a „nip and tuck“. Based on natural, clinically tested power extracts, the unique formula is a painless way to achieve an even, beautiful complexion.

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The special features of L.A. Skinny

  • Clinically proven anti-cellulite cream
  • Gentle alternative to expensive, invasive methods
  • Developed by cosmetic medicine specialists
  • Improves the circulation and the complexion
  • Detox effect: eliminates other toxins
  • Natural power care with caffeine

Gently and effectively combats cellulite

Not many woman are satisfied with their cellulite. We all dream of firmer buttocks, thighs and beautiful skin all over. In short: a radiant bikini complexion. The innovative special treatment from L.A. Skinny makes it possible without surgery. You’ll see a reduction in cellulite after only the first treatment. Precisely where you want it. And in addition, toxins and fluid retention are also eliminated. The detox effect of the body cream is so wonderful that your all-round wellbeing will improve.

Power ingredients for smooth skin

Caffeine and other natural power ingredients are the secret to L.A. Skinny. They include Slimactive and Fermiskin, which work together to treat cellulite exactly where you want to, such as on your stomach, legs and buttocks. Gently massage in the cream – et voilà: the unique formula stimulates circulation, improving the appearance of the skin structure. The skin looks smoother, sexier and more even. Its special formula has made this American beauty wonder one of the most innovative and effective alternatives to invasive methods – for smooth, happy skin all over your body.

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