Purely Perfect is leading the elegant shampoo revolution. The Cleansing Cream makes conditioner and hair masks superfluous and so it has become the new hero of the beauty world. Containing no detergents, the innovative formula uses only pure extracts of aloe vera and essential oils for silky soft glossy hair.  The New York brand applies the principle of ‚less is more’ and takes all who love pure elegance back to a time when things were beautifully simple and uncomplicated.

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Purely Perfect

The special features of Purely Perfect

  • Natural, silicone free hair care
  • Basis: aloe vera & essential oils
  • Gloss and volume without chemicals
  • Biodegradable
  • Free from sulphates and silicone

The new way to look after your hair

What would happen if you started using only aloe vera and essential oils on your hair? You think it’s impossible? Purely Perfect proves it’s the best thing for your hair. Instead of using harsh detergents (the basis for normal shampoos) the American premium brand’s formula is simple: pure nature. Only healthy, natural ingredients are used in this new form of shampoo. Your hair, whether thin hair, gorgeous curls, long or coloured hair will become glossy and voluminous. Purely Perfect is simple care for all hair types.

Glossy hair without chemicals

Every woman who lives by the principle of ‚less is more’ pays attention to details. Avoiding substances that are harmful to your own health and the environment will become increasingly important. Purely Perfect already does this with hair care that appeals to environmentally conscious beauty lovers. All products are biodegradable. They are produced without sulphates, silicone and detergents. So not only is our water protected, but the health of our hair is too. What more could you want? Moisturisation for dry hair and extra vitamins. That’s what awaits you in the elegant azure blue bottles!

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