Toxic Twins was founded by Irish friends Sinead and Lorna as a Kickstart brand for those who want to celebrate all aspects of life, but don’t want to show the signs of their lifestyle. So their Dream on! foot pads offer detox the relaxing way. Overnight all toxins are drawn out of your body. Et voilà, you’re back to your wonderful, fast-living self. No regrets. With extra energy and inner balance, giving you a fresh appearance in no time. 

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The special features of The Toxic Twins

  • Exclusive detox foot pads
  • For gentle detoxing overnight
  • More energy, balance and wellbeing
  • 100 % natural ingredients

Detox overnight

Little pads with a great effect: the delicate little foot pads are the most modern form of detox. Dream!On works simply overnight. When you’re feeling listless and tired, the pads strengthen your inner balance. 100 % natural ingredients of the highest quality make it possible. Black tourmaline rock powder and bamboo vinegar in the Dream!On Original Pads help combat tiredness. The lavender range is a mini retreat for healthy sleep to make you free great. Do you have digestive problems? Then green tea with calming essences can help. Boost your energy and wellbeing. Simply, while you dream.

Dreamy detoxification

The night shift: the Toxic Twins create refreshing wellbeing. It has never been so easy to detox your body. The foot pads are stuck to the soles of your feet in an instant and they release their detoxifying effect. Next morning you’ll feel ready to get up. You’ll look more rested, full of energy and with a fresh appearance, ready to start your day. Toxic Twins lets you detox simply in your sleep.

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