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Collagen Lifting Mask - 1 Mask

1 Piece

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Special features

✓ Lifts, tightens and defines the lower facial hemisphere
✓ Promotes the degradation of grease pads in the application area
✓ Decreases and cools
✓ Restores the elasticity of the skin


Detail description

Lifting collagen mask for profile optimization and facial tightening without surgery.

The innovative collagen lifting mask contains a selection of high-performance active ingredients. The specially developed mixture and the texture of the mask support the natural V-shape of the face. It softens swelling in the lower facial area, counteracts the appearance of a double chin, and lifts sagging skin in the area of ​​the lateral cheeks, the lateral jaw areas and the chin section.
The Magicstripes Lifting Collagen Mask is soaked with an effective cocktail of collagen, caffeine, vitamin C, vitamin E, macadamia nut oil and water, which helps to visibly lift, shape and tighten your facial contours of the lower facial hemisphere.
The sagging tension of the skin creates wrinkles and tired facial features. Above all the chin area is a problem zone, especially the lower facial (lateral cheek area, lateral jaw area, chin) is often a problem zone.
The mask strengthens the skin in the area of ​​the chin and the lower facial hemisphere and helps in raising and toning this area.

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How to use

◦ Thoroughly clean the face and dry thoroughly

◦ Remove the mask and remove the white film.

◦ Stretch the mask and pull the openings over your ears so that the mask fits tightly and completely covers your chin part.

◦ Apply the mask approximately 40 to 60 minutes, you can read or follow your usual activities.

◦ Remove the mask. Use the mask 3-4 times a week or more often.


5 ingredients - an optimal combination of active ingredients + lifting mask of the mask = a convincing effect

Collagen: forms a moisturizing film on the skin, cushions wrinkles with moisture.

Vitamin C: supports the construction of collagen, which gives the skin the firm structure and elasticity. It is an effective antioxidant that makes free radicals harmless.

Vitamin E: counteracts harmful environmental influences and thus protects against premature skin aging.

Caffeine: stimulates the skin cells and promotes blood circulation. The enzyme triacylglycerol lipase contained in caffeine is activated. Due to the cleavage of the fat with release of water into fatty acids and glycerin become fat deposits. reduced.

Macadamia nut oil: skin smoothing, regenerating.

Lifting Boost:

In addition to this effective mix of ingredients comes the traction force of the mask, which acts like a massage for the face and stimulates blood circulation. Similar to the effect of facial massages, which also lead to an elevation and tightening of the face during regular application.



From Japan to Europe, it's only one step...

Always on the Look-out for Innovative techniques, Natalie Franz discovered the small stripes for eyelids while on a trip to Japan. They're a revelation. "Out of curiosity, I tried them on myself and I was absolutely thrilled by the effect of the product: with just a few hand movements, my appearance became much fresher and was rejuvenated by several years," she recalls. Convinced by their spectacular anti-fatigue and rejuvenating effects, Natalie adopted the stripes in her make-up kit and uses them on a daily basis for her clients during photo shoots and fashion shows. And they're a huge success. "The feedback has been so positive that I've decided to commercialize the product on the German market," she explains.

Customer evaluation for "Collagen Lifting Mask - 1 Mask"
9 Feb 2023

Liked the feeling on the face!

I didn't see that much of a change but it was only 1 mask to be fair...

9 Feb 2023

Liked the feeling on the face!

I didn't see that much of a change but it was only 1 mask to be fair...

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