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Detox Kur
Dr. Niedermaier

Detox Kur

90 g (€21.06 / 100 g)

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Special features

✓ for binding heavy metals

Detail description

Dr. Niedermaier®DETOX TREATMENT is a certified class IIA medical product. It contains 100% micronised clinoptilolith-zeolith and reduces considerably the level of ammonium and heavy metals in the body, in particular lead, cadmium and quicksilver. This benefits the liver, kidneys, pancreas ad blood.

Not suitable for pregnant women or children, or for those who have had organ transplant.

If you have impaired kidney function it is essential to consult a doctor before use. 

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Good to know

Zeolith is a volcanic stone and one of the most important minerals in the world containing silicon. It is excellent for detoxification.  Clinoptilolith (100% naturally pure zeolith) is one of the few substances than can directly absorb toxins in the body. 


Increase your liquid intake if you become constipated.  Heart or kidney patients should undergo regular testing of the potassium level in their blood.


If you do not drink enough liquid you can experience constipation!


If you are also taking other therapeutic substances, you should leave an interval of at least 2 hours. 

How to use

Three times a day, stir 1-2 measuring spoonfuls (1.25–2.5g) of Dr. Niedermaier ® DETOX TREATMENT into water (0.2 l) and

drink 30 minutes before your main meal.  Note: do not stir with a metal spoon.

Take as a 24-day treatment maximum. After taking for 24 days uninterrupted, you should have a break of at least 5 days before recommencing treatment.  During treatment, make sure you consume enough liquid, in the form of water or alcohol-free drinks. 


100% micronised clinoptilolith-zeolith


Dr. Niedermaier

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Since its founding in 1939, Dr. Niedermaier Pharma GmbH has been setting new revolutionary standards for millions of people to maintain natural beauty and health.

In decades of research, pharmacist Dr. Hans Niedermaier developed the three-stage fermentation process, which was further developed by the daughter Dr. Niedermaier-May following her father's example and has been newly patented since 2014. Through cascade fermentation, valuable, secondary plant substances are sustainably extracted from the plant matrix and concentrated in REGULATESSENZ®.

Due to the gentle, special process of cascade fermentation, the use of preservatives, chemical additives, sugar and alcohol can be dispensed with during the production of REGULATESSENZ®.

Customer evaluation for "Detox Kur"
8 Apr 2022


Man fühlt sich ausgewechselt! So ein tolles Detox Produkt

10 Mar 2022

Sehr gut

Sehr gutes Produkt mit super Ergebnissen, man muss nur darauf achten, dass man während der Kur viel Wasser trinkt.

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