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Clean Beauty Concept

Eye Lift Spoon

1 Piece
€53.95 €33.95

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Special features

✓ Minimizes fine lines and puffiness
✓ Smoothes the delicate skin around the eyes
✓ Refreshes tired eyes
✓ Improves the absorption of care products
✓ Reduces filled bags under the eyes

Detail description

The Eye Lift Spoon by Clean Beauty Concept is made of handcrafted Bian stone and serves perfectly as a facial massage device. The Eye Lift Spoon gets the lymph flow and blood circulation going, minimizing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. The Eye Lift Spoon stimulates deep muscles to tighten upper eyelids and your eyebrows are visibly lifted. After use, your eye area will look fresher and more rested. At one end of the massager there is a point ball that supports the drainage effect and stimulates central acupuncture points around the eyes.

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Good to know

Bian stones are considered the best tool for Gua Sha in TCM.

How to use

Apply a small amount of Beautifying Oil to the lower eyelid and eyebrow arches. (NOT on the upper eyelids) Using circular movements, open the lyph system with your fingertips above the collarbone. Open both points at the same time.

Now use the ball at the bottom of the spoon. Press with it underneath the eye, first inside the corner of the eye, then just under the center of the eye and on the edge of the lower eyelid for 10-15 seconds with gentle pressure.

Now use the edge of the Gua Sha head and scrape up the nose to the eyebrow 10-15 times with medium pressure. Place the Gua Sha head flat on the skin and stroke below the eye from the inner corner of the eye towards the temple. Then stroke from the inner eye over the eyelid in the direction of the outer edge of the eye to the temple. Do this 10-15 times at a time with very light pressure.

For crow's feet: Gently stretch the area with your index finger and middle finger. With the other hand, stroke the edge of the Gua Sha head over the crow's feet in zigzag motions. Repeat 10 times over each line, using light pressure.

Now start at the center of the forehead and divide it into three sections. Now scrape with the Gua Sha head flat from the eyebrow / point in a straight line to the hairline with medium pressure 10-15 times.

Finish this side of the face by stroking the Gua Sha head from the center of the hairline down to the temple. Continue along the ear to the neck to open the lymph channels and stimulate the drainage of lymph fluid. Apply 3-5 times with light pressure to the point above the collarbone.

All steps are performed on the same side of the face. Then repeat all the steps on the second side.


Bian stone


Clean Beauty Concept


Clean Beauty Concept has set itself the goal of changing the way people care for their skin. It is about more than just natural and organic ingredients: clean beauty concept is a 100% pure No-Tox skin care program that offers you a natural but effective alternative to Fillers & Co.

3 minutes daily are enough to achieve a visible rejuvenation effect!

✓ 100 % pure No-Tox skin care program
✓ Perfectly coordinated - for maximum effect
✓ Natural and certified ingredients
✓ Sustainability & environmentally friendly packaging material
✓ Animal experiment-free, vegan and completely without alcohol
✓ Free from parabens, phthalates, PEGs, silicones, preservatives and artificial fragrances

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