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Feel Healthy & Detox Foot pads 7 Night Detox Green Tea
Stella Me

Feel Healthy & Detox Foot pads 7 Night Detox Green Tea

14 Piece

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Special features

✓ Pads are suitable for stomach problems and constipation
✓ Supports the body’s own detoxification process
✓ Combat exhaustion and lethargy
✓ Helps with fatigue and lack of drive
✓ Detoxifying effect with natural ingredients
✓ Pads are suitable for lack energy
✓ Pads also have a draining effect, additional diuretic effect and promote a peaceful and relaxing sleep

Detail description

Detox - means to help your body to free itself of toxins absorbed by food intake and due to exposure to environmental factors, and even those toxins produced as a reaction to stress. Hence  the body can be robbed of energy.Replenish your body with new energy and – detox.

Feel Healthy & Detox pads by Stella Me contain Green Tea, which has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract. They have an additional diuretic effect and promote a peaceful and relaxing sleep. The 60% Tourmaline concentration has an infrared effect on the human body. Additional ingredients such as Bamboo Vinegar and Agarics Mushrooms have a cleansing and strengthening effect on the immune system. Chitosan is considered ideal for absorbing toxins and forms a membrane to protect the skin.

Stella me makes use of the origins of detoxing – that is detoxing through your feet. Since the 16th century, Traditional Chinese Medicine has been making use of herbs and other natural ingredients to regenerate the body.

Stella Me footpads contain various ingredients that produce their effect via the acupuncture points on the soles of the feet overnight. The body thus goes through a natural overnight regeneration process, repairing itself and retaining well being.Using the night as a relaxing detox phase for the body is simple and very effective.Stellame pads support this process.

The pads come in different mixes that can be used to suit the many different needs depending on the person’s physical condition.

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Good to know

What is Detox

In the context of the TCM philosophy detox means “detoxification”. We understand detox as a natural way of keeping the body in balance and or bringing it back into balance. In the narrowest sense, detox means assisting the body in breaking down toxins. This involves boosting metabolism and helping the body either keep or regain its vitality.

Detox can, however, be more than just a bodily mechanism. The regained vitality can also have a “kind of detoxing” effect on other areas of life. Our social environment, professional life and partnerships will also benefit from positive and gentle changes.


From the TCM perspective, our feet „act like a second heart“ and their 60 acupuncture points provide a channel or connection to the internal organs of the body. These connections are called meridians and it is through these meridians that energy is activated and hence the flow of energy improved, which in turn ,according to TCM, is vital for our wellbeing.

How to use

The pads work through the night. They turn a dark colour and are saturated with the nightly excretions that they absorbed. The adhesive film with the pads should be removed after a night’s sleep. Any adhesive residue can be removed during your morning shower. You can now enjoy a fresh, detoxified start to your day! The application can be used just once or up to 30 days in a row. This period can vary, depending on your physical condition and sense of well-being.


Tourmaline, Bamboo Vinegar Extracts, Houttuynia Cordata, Agaricus Mushroom, Peppermint, Chitin, Vitamin C.100 % natural ingredients. FDA approved

Not to be used when pregnant.


Stella Me

Stella Me: Detox Nightspa Foot Pads

Stella Me was founded in 2015 by the Wilbertz family. From the multitude of previously known and so-called Detoxpads, which find their origin in traditional Japanese herbal teachings, a line was developed that meets the highest demands.

The heart of the brand are the Nightspa pads based on tourmaline, herbs and other vital substances. 5 varieties for 5 different needs. The products contain only 100% natural ingredients. The infrared radiation emitted by the tourmaline activates the reflex zones under the foot. This stimulates the metabolism.

Stella Me products offer a way to increase your own well-being. Stress in everyday life also makes you tired and unhappy in the long run. Since beauty and well-being come from within, more and more exhausted people are taking wellness cures. The trend is above all to find oneself and to come clean with one's body.

Customer evaluation for "Feel Healthy & Detox Foot pads 7 Night Detox Green Tea"
7 Feb 2023

This is insane!

These Pads actually make me feel detoxified the next morning!

14 Jan 2022

Funktioniert wirklich!

Die Pflaster haben eine unglaublich positive Wirkung - seit ich sie benutze, habe ich zum Beispiel keine Magenschmerzen mehr - ich bin sehr empfindlich gegenüber fettigem Essen und habe ständig Magenprobleme, es hat definitiv einen "Detox"-Effekt morgens.

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