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Neues Produkt
Prestige Creme Ginseng D'escargot
Anti-aging skin care

The luxury cream with the star active ingredients snail extract and red ginseng nourishes your...

Neues Produkt
CAVIAR Double Effect Eye Essence
Anti-aging eye care

It's SKIN Caviar Double Effect Eye Essence slows down skin ageing, supports...

Neues Produkt
CAVIAR Double Effect Serum
Face care - serum

It's Skin Caviar Double Effect Creme slows down skin ageing, supports collagen synthesis...

Neues Produkt
CAVIAR Double Effect Emulsion
Face care - Emulsion

It's Skin Caviar Double Effect Emulsion slows down skin ageing, supports collagen...

Neues Produkt
CAVIAR Double Effect Toner
Face care - toner

It's Skin Caviar Double Effect Creme slows down skin ageing, supports collagen...

CAVIAR Double Effect Cream
Anti-aging skin care

It's Skin Caviar Double Effect Creme slows down skin ageing, supports collagen synthesis...

Neues Produkt
Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Serum
Face care - Serum

The Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Serum improves skin tone. It revives,...

Neues Produkt
Hyaluronic Add Moisture Cream
Face care - Face cream

The Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Toner improves skin tone. It revives,...

Neues Produkt
Hyaluronic Add Moisture Emulsion
Face care

The Hyaluronic Add Moisture Emulsion improves skin tone. It...

Neues Produkt
Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Toner
Face care - Toner

The  It´s Skin Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Toner improves...

Neues Produkt
It's Skin Smart Solution 365 Silky Sun Block
Sun Care - Face & Body

IT'S SKIN SmartSolution 365 Silky Sun Block protects you against UVA...

Neues Produkt
Collagen Eye Mask Sheet
Eye mask

The eye mask containing highly concentrated gel collagen is ideal for the demanding skin...

Sparduo: Starting Treatment Cream & Eye Cream | Secret Key
Face care

Special care: Our Anti-wrinkle care duo with a lightening effect - for a radiant face.

Prestige Rose De Black Cream Special Set on It's Skin
Anti-Aging premium set

Fabric based gel mask with extract of black rose for a healthy,...

Dust Defense Cleansing Pack  von It's Skin
Facial clanser

The Dust Defense protects and cleans your skin. It leaves a fine...

Coming soon!
Lakia AC Clear Ampoule
Facial cleansing ampoules

The AC Clear Ampule contains Aloe Barbadensis juice....

Lakia Brightening Ampoule
Brightening Ampoule

The Lakia ampoule uses niacinamide as a skin-active ingredient, as...

Lakia Vitamin Ampoule
Health ampoules

Lakia Vitamin Ampoules contain select, highly effective ingredients, making them power...

Lakia Hyaluronic Ampoule
Hyaluron ampoule

This Hyaluron ampoule serves to strengthen and protect your...

Collagen - Nutrition Eye Cream von It's Skin
Anti-aging eye care

Anti-aging care with phyto collagen for sparklingly beautiful eyes. It pampers the delicate...

Collagen - Voluming Cream von  It's Skin
Anti-Aging Face moisturizer

Precious lifting cream with phyto collagen for dry skin. The immediate moisturising effect...

Collagen – Nutrition Serum von It's Skin
Anti-Aging Face serum

Skin nourishment – nourishing serum with marine collagen for radiant skin. The serum...

Starting Treatment Cream
Face cream

Anti-wrinkle care with a lightening effect - for a radiant face.

Starting Treatment Aura Mist
Face spray

Young beauty: tender care for a youthful aura and supple skin.

Starting Treatment Eye Cream
Eye cream

Eyecatcher: Give your eyes the best anti-aging skin care with radiant power.

Anti Wrinkle - Whitening Eye Creme Syn-Ake
Eye cream

Goodbye to rings under your eyes! Brightening Eye Cream for relaxed radiance.

Prestige Lotion D'Escargot II (Riche) von It's Skin

 Luxurious lotion for dry skin with snail secretion. It gives especially dry skin an...

Prestige Circuler Lift D'Escargot von It's Skin
Anti-Aging face moisturizer

Moisturizing anti-ageing facial lifting cream containing extract of snail secretion. It...

Prestige Creme D'Escargot von It's Skin
Anti Aging face moisturizer

Creme D’Escargot with mucin gives your face a crystal-clear shine. It intensively...

Starting Treatment Mask (1 Stk)
Face mask

Special care: skin smoothing face mask for very special skin requirements.

Prestige Masque SYN-AKE (Inh. 5 Stk)  von It's Skin
Face mask

Concentrated wrinkle-minimising face mask with Swiss ingredient SYN-AKE for increased...

Prestige Masque SYN-AKE (1 Stk) von It's Skin
Face mask

Finishing touch for your skin: wrinkle-minimising face mask with Swiss ingredient SYN-AKE

Snail Moisture Mask Sheet (1 Stk.) von It's Skin
Face mask

Moisturizing face mask with snail secretion. It smooths the skin and gives it a beautiful...

UVA/UVB Wrinkle Care Whitening von It's Skin  
Whitening sun blocker

Skin-lightening sun cream with 4-part active complex for radiantly beautiful skin that...

Smart Solution – Silky Sun Essence von It's Skin
Sun blocker

Sun protection essence from Korea with plant extracts and  SPF 50+ that spreads evenly on...

Smart Solution – Watery Sun Gel von It's Skin
Sun protection gel

Smart sun protection: Watery Sun Gel with SPF 30 and exquisite extracts of tea and camomile

1 From 2

The secret of beautiful skin is out.

Beauty requires regular care with fine quality products that give you soft and supple skin. In our online shop you’ll find the highlights of facial cleansing for Korean cosmetics. You’ll be impressed by the guaranteed product quality and particularly the high quality ingredients from Asia that are based in old traditions. The snake venom ingredients Syn-AKE, snail secretion or bee venom are very well tolerated and suitable for every skin type. Here you can learn about the current Korean beauty trend and its highlights. With comprehensive information about original premium quality products and renowned top brands such as Secret Key, Missha and It's Skin that you can buy online.

Facial cleansing is a ceremony.

Begin by thoroughly cleansing your face using a face oil to remove particles of dirt and make-up. Next, use a scrub to remove dead skin cells and calm the skin. A toner now prepares your skin for care, which starts with a face serum. It moisturises all different skin types and is revitalising. Face and eye creams complete your skin care. This special care combats skin ageing and reduces wrinkles. Creams often also have a brightening effect.

Twice a week you should treat yourself to a mask to make your skin soft and supple.
Wrinkle reducing face mask with Syn-AKE
Moisturising face mask with snail secretion It smooths the skin wonderfully.
Special Korean cloth masks for 20 minutes of relaxation.

In our Look Beautiful online shop you can buy premium quality Korean cosmetics

Secret Key Syn-AKE is a product line with special ingredients identical to the snake venom Syn-AKE, from eye cream, anti-wrinkle cream, to toner. The synthetically produced ingredient combats wrinkles and slows the ageing process. The components of Syn-AKE also have a brightening effect. You can order online select products from this series.

An even complexion with korean BB cream

You can apply a face cream with SPF to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and moisturise it, such as a BB cream. It contains snail secretion that combats skin ageing, reduces wrinkles and covers blotches. Snail secretion is a key component in the sun protection for face and body.

Face cream containing been venom for flawless skin

Apply this cream after cleansing. The high quality ingredients are very well tolerated and ideal for every skin type. It also makes a great base for make-up. By using face serum first, you are well prepared for the day.

Try for yourself the sought-after original products from Asia and discover the secret of beautiful skin. Choose your care from Look Beautiful - from sun protection for your face and body, face oil, Korean cloth masks, to anti-ageing care. You can order everything online.

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