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The Konjac Sponge Company

Konjac Body Sponge French Green Clay

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Special features

✓ 100% natural vegan face sponge made from pure plant fibres 
✓ Ideal for easily irritated, sensitive and dehydrated skin
✓ with French Green Clay tightens pores
✓ Helps with: impurities, eczema and to refine pores 
✓ Deeply Cleanses without additional wash substances
✓ Gentle massage and scrub (smoothes & detoxifies the skin)
✓ pH balancing
✓ Gently Exfoliates
✓ Silky Soft When Wet
✓ the original from the Konjac Sponge Company
✓ 100% free from colourants, chemicals, irritants and other additives

Detail description

Body sponge with green French clay for oily and normal skin. The  Konjac sponge is premium care with 100 % natural plant fibres. Made from pure konjac root, the sponge is extremely light and soft. It gives a gentle scrub and is free from chemical additives, making it kind to skin. Naturally rich in moisture, it clarifies and refines pores. Blemishes disappear as if by magic. The unique structure of the sponge stimulates the circulation and therefore also cell regeneration. It’s a real natural wonder!

French Green Clay Konjac Sponge Puff – Body sponge with green French clay, whose fine micromolecules absorb fat, bacteria and dirt  – ideal for oily and normal skin.

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Good to know

Good to know

The Konjac Sponge cleanses efficiently without the use of any cleansing products. But if you want to combine it with your facial cleanser, that’s no problem. Then you need only a fraction of your usual amount. The sponge creates a lather and so distributes the product better over your face.

The sponge contains no dyes, preservatives or s to artificially prolong its life. You are holding natural fibres in your hands, so you can enjoy the product for on average 2 months.  For the optimum lifespan always hang it out to dry, rinse after every use and never wring it out as that can damage the fibres.

Questions and answers

How long does the sponge last? 
On average about 1-2 months, but it depends on how it is used and looked after. For maximum lifespan always hang it up to dry, rinse after each use and don’t wring it out! Gently squeeze the sponge between your clean palms to remove the excess water. DON’T press too hard and DON’T wring or twist it as this will damage the fibres. Always hang it in a well aired room to dry. Tip: when you’ve finished with the sponge, bury it in the garden or a flower pot as it is a natural water store and will ensure your plants are well watered.  

Can I sterilise the sponge/ make it germ-free? 
You can put the sponge for a few minutes in boiling water. Ideal for beauticians who use the sponge on several clients. 

Is the sponge suitable for everyone? 
Yes! It is ideal for all skin types and even children. With our clay and bamboo charcoal range you can address specific skin problems/skin types.  Perfect for problem skin, dry, oily skin or blemish prone skin. Do you have outbreaks after shaving? Shaving removes the top layer of skin. To avoid damaging the skin more when you cleanse, simply use the sponge for cleaning and calming skin after shaving.   

Is the Konjac sponge suitable for elderly men with thin skin? 
Absolutely! Elderly men often have thin skin that is brittle and tears easily. The sponge is ideal as it is gentle on the skin and doesn’t dry it out or damage it.  

Does the sponge help acne? 
Yes. The gentle deep cleansing removes impurities that cause spots and prevents inflammations. For these problems we recommend the bamboo charcoal sponge. 

Is the sponge suitable for people with eczema/ rashes? 
The sponge is brilliant for sensitive or problem skin. Since the sponge contains no chemicals or impurities, it does not irritate the skin. We strongly recommend the sponge for all skin problems such as eczema.

Does the Konjac sponge help with ingrown hairs? 
Yes. Wash daily with the sponge, using circular movements to soften the skin and remove dead skin cells. So the hairs under the skin can come through and are not trapped under hardened skin, which can cause ingrown hairs. 

How often should I use the sponge? 
Daily. Make cleansing with the sponge part of your daily routine. Use it in the morning and evening, whenever you usually wash your face.

Change your skin care. You can immediately change from your usual skin cleanser, cotton pads, flannels etc to the Konjac sponge. Either completely replace your routine with the sponge or use it additionally.  


How to use

Use the Konjac sponge morning and evening as part of your daily cleansing. Before each use, dip the sponge in warm water and gently squeeze out. Massage your body in circular motions to gently clean the pores.  Carefully wash the sponge after use and hang it up to dry.


What is konjac or konjak?

Konjac sponge is made from the tuber of the Asian plant devil’s tongue “amorphophallus konjac”. Devil’s tongue is a plant from the Araceae family. The tuber is called konjac root. 

Konnyaku or konjac is cultivated in Japan and Korea as a food, but there are also wild forms that are naturally occurring in parts of  China, Korea and Japan. The wild forms typically grow at great heights and are therefore particularly pure and free from harmful substances.  

The ground rootstock of the devil’s tongue makes ground konjac, which is used in Asian food (glass noodles) and as a thickener in the food industry.

Konjac contains, apart from water,  the fibre glucomannan which has the highest known water binding capacity of all natural products: it can bind 50 times its own mass in water! Konjac contains many other substances that are good for the skin: water, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, copper, panthotenate, niacin, fatty acids, folic acid, zinc and also vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E and D. 

Even though konjac is rich in minerals and low in calories, the sponge isn’t edible! Here are some facts about the plant for those who are curious. 

For over a century the konjac root has been used in Japan as a beauty treatment for sensitive skin. Designed first for babies, it soon became clear that the konjac sponge would benefit the whole family. Our konjac sponges are suitable not only for those with dry and sensitive skin, but those with hypersensitive skin also benefit from the gentle fibres of the konjac sponge. It’s no wonder that the Japanese both eat the konjac plant and use it on their skin.


The Konjac sponge is made of 100% konjac root (konnyaku). Konjac is a plant fibre and naturally rich in moisture, naturally alkaline and therefore balances the acidity level of the skin. The unique network structure of the sponge gently massage the skin and stimulates blood circulation and regeneration of skin cells. For clean and refreshed skin.


The Konjac Sponge Company

Winner of the 2013 Cosmopolitan Beauty Award, the Konjac Sponge is a global success story. Konjac is known for its health-promoting properties and has been used in Japan for 1,500 years. Combined with French clay and other natural ingredients, the plant fibres enhance any beauty ritual. Completely free from dyes, the biodegradable, vegan cleansing product Konjac sponge not only improves your appearance, but it’s also good karma.

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