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Nothing is so good for your inner peace and relaxation as taking a break from your hectic day and unwinding at home. To help you relax your body and mind, we offer wonderful and high quality products and accessories to relax in your personal home spa.

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Foot Fitness | Révérence de Bastien | LOOK BEAUTIFUL PRODUCTS

Relieves the pain caused by tight shoes, high heels and eases tired feet.

Olivia von Halle - Pyjama Lila Yurika

Silky-soft homewear and sleep fashion with British elegance transport you away to dreamland.

Hautpflegegerät Luna (Blau)

Firmness and clarity in only two minutes: Luna™ cleanses and cares with innovative T-Sonic™-technology.

Sparduo - Collagen Creams I It's Skin

Perfectly balanced anti-aging facial and eye care duo with phyto-collagen for dry skin.

Duo - Bath & Shower Oil Light Relax  & Relax Candle | Aromatherapy Associates

Body Care with pure natural powers combined with a sensual scented candle that relax the body and mind.

Duo - Bath & Shower Oil De-Stress Mind & Relax Candle | Aromatherapy Associates

A delicate fragrant spa experience with the essential shower and bath oils and a sensual scented candle.

 Spartrio - Duschgel & Kerze & Morgenmantel | Look Beautiful Products

Fragrant stress reliever, velvety soft morning coat and a sensual scented candle for a relaxing balance on stressful days.

Spartrio - Relax Duschgel & Kerze + Morgenmantel

Perfectly coordinated wellness set for a stressed day.

Aromatherapy Ass De-Stress Body Wash & Relax Candle Duo

Fragrant shower pleasure and sensual aromatic candle with aromatic touch.

Relax Body Wash & Candle Duo

Body care with precious oils and sensual aromatic candle with aromatic notes for a relaxing balance on stressful days.

Baume Blisse

Baume Bliss relieves painful feet, restores suppleness, prevents skin from drying out and nails from weakening.

Celeste - Leg Shimmer Dry Oil | LOOK BEAUTIFUL PRODUCTS

Celeste - Leg Shimmer Dry Oil is light nourishing dry oil for irritated and dry skin.

Aro Bath Shower

Delicately aromatic oils for your holistic path to inner strength and serenity

Miniatur Bath & Shower Oil Collection

The whole world of aromatherapy in 10 Bath & Shower Oils


Breathe freely and feel pampered with the essential Bath & Shower Oil „Support Breathe“

Aro Bath Shower

Uplifting bath and shower oil that calms and relaxes with the power of essential oils.

Revive Morning  Bath & Shower Oil

An aromatic energy boost for your body and mind with the Bath & Shower Oil „Revive Morning“

Revive Body Wash

Refreshing active start to the day with the revitalising Revive Body Wash

Voluming Cream

Precious lifting cream with phyto collagen for dry skin. The immediate moisturising effect leaves your skin radiantly fresh and youthful.

5-stage Detox Set

Exclusive detox set with antioxidants for pure, firmer skin and a revitalised body.

Matcha Ceremony Set

Experience the high art of preparing matcha in the comfort of your own home with the elegant Matcha Ceremony Set.

Daily Balance

Enjoy moments of special relaxation with the caffeine-free mild citrus Daily Balance tea.

Harmony Chai

Spice up your day with Harmony Chai containing black tea and exotic spices.

Heart of the Earth CD

Inspiring mantras and relaxing sounds to increase inner strength - this Heart of the Earth CD by Ila Spa is perfect for yogis and the restless.

Olivia von Halle - Coco Silk - Snow White

Silky-soft homewear and sleep fashion with British elegance transport you away to dreamland.

Coco Seidenpyjama – Jet Black

Silky-soft homewear and sleep fashion with British elegance transport you away to dreamland.

Relax Body Wash I Aromatherapy Association I Look Beautiful

Fragrant bodycare with precious oils for relaxation in your stressful day.

De-Stressed Body Wash I Aromatherapy Association I Look Beautiful

Revitalise your body and mind with this fragrant Body Wash containing precious essential oils.

Coming soon!
Relax Tea Loose I Dr. Jackson's I Look Beautiful

Delicious tea blend with refreshing taste and a calming, de-stressing effect.

Coming soon!
Relax Tea Bags I Dr. Jackson's I Look Beautiful

Delicious tea blend with refreshing taste and a calming, de-stressing effect.

Flora No.1 Soaps - Mitchell and Peach

Savour the scent of English summer gardens with these elegant luxury soaps.

Flora No.1 Scented Candle - Mitchell and Peach

Floral fragrance experiences with rose, violet and lavender invite you to relax and dream.

Olivia von Halle - Pyjama Coco Meadow Grün

Silky-soft homewear and sleep fashion with British elegance transport you away to dreamland.

Coming soon!
Coconut Melt

Natural beauty balm containing 100% organic coconut oil for silky-soft skin, hair and lips.

Bath Salts (Infinitely Loving)

Marine care experience with sea salt crystals and a delicate fragrance for silky smooth skin.

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At Look Beautiful you can buy lots of interesting products from luxury brands online. Brands such as Aromatherapy Associates, ILA Spa, Olivia von Halle and TEATOX. These brands offer lots of luxurious products that promote balance and relaxation. Whether teas, bath oils or beautiful nightwear, at Look Beautiful we have everything you need for a relaxation day.

When you need tranquility and the relaxation CDs aren’t enough, you could try aroma oils from Aromatherapy Associates. The lovely fragrance enhances your well-being and creates a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere in your home. ILA Spa makes products that harness the power of nature. Your can order their natural and sustainable relaxation products online from us. ILA Spa offers inspiring relaxation sounds that are perfect for relaxing, doing yoga or meditating. Olivia von Halle makes beautiful and very comfortable nightwear which will delight you with both its quality and aesthetics. If you’re wearing beautiful pyjamas you can rest better and take a break from your hectic day.

TEATOX is one of our luxury brands. It offers a wide range of teas that also make ideal gifts. With a warm cup of tea in your hand, the scent of aroma oil in the air gentle relaxing music and a beautiful environment with lovely home accessories, such as candles, your body and mind can relax and restore inner peace after a tiring day.

Don’t only order our beautiful relaxation products and accessories for yourself, but also as gifts for your dearest friends.  If you crave balance and relaxation in your own home spa, you’ll love the luxurious relaxation products. Home accessories, like scented candles, which you can order online at Look Beautiful, are fantastic relaxation products that contribute to your well-being. You’ll be amazed by the luxurious brands and their high quality products for deep relaxation.

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