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STENDERS Bad und Körperpflege Kosmetik

STENDERS ist Ihr Gärtner der Gefühle. Für Ihren urbanen Alltag kreieren wir von der Natur inspirierte Kosmetikprodukte.

Stenders ist eine von der Natur Nordeuropas inspirierte Naturkosmetik-Marke. Ihre erlesenen Pflegeprodukte entführen in eine Welt aus unberührten Landschaften und lassen ein Gefühl der puren Reinheit aufleben. Schon beim Blick auf die märchenhaft schönen Verpackungen spüren Sie die Sorgfalt, die in jedem der über 320 exquisiten Produkte steckt.

Beste Wirkstoffe und ein angenehmer Duft unterstützen Sie dabei, natürliche Schönheit, neue Energie, kreative Kraft, positive Emotionen und Inspirationen in Ihrem Leben willkommen zu heißen.

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The special features of Stenders

  • Exquisite natural cosmetics from northern Europe
  • The best ingredients from nature
  • Over 320 exquisite products
  • Valued in over 25 countries

Natural cosmetics for green souls

At Stenders skin care is in full bloom. When Janis Berzins opened her first Stenders boutique in Riga in 2001, she was driven by the desire to harness the purity and beauty of nature in cosmetics of the highest quality. She was successful. The brand is now one of the biggest cosmetics manufacturers in northern Europe. Their beautiful range includes fragrant facial care, body care, bath products, hair care and a unique collection of exclusive massage brushes. A paradise for nature lovers! Stenders gives dry skin unique care when you want to be caressed. And well-earned balance when you want natural energy and sensual fragrances.

The beauty and energy of nature

Stenders combines the power of nature with a modern lifestyle. All its products are gentle on the skin and lift your mood. Do you yearn for more life energy? The best ingredients, such as alga extracts, beeswax, birch leaves extract, cocoa butter and jasmine oil nourish skin in an instant. The ancient, health-promoting ritual of brush massages is an essential part of your wellness day. Particularly when it is gentle. Made from beautifully shaped wood with soft natural bristles, the massage brushes from Stenders give your skin extra soft treatment that can reduce cellulite, stimulate the metabolism and boost circulation. It also encourages gentle detoxification of the body. So the brushes are a high-quality companion on you path to holistic beauty.