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Tea from natural cosmetics

Your inner balance will be reflected again in your external appearance. You can’t underestimate the importance of a radiant smile. And even more beautiful is a smile that comes from the heart and is accompanied by a fresh complexion. Conscious nutrition and a balanced menu plan can be enhanced by various teas. The different types of tea help you live a healthy and enjoyable life.

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Teatox Skinny Detox Tea

Delicious tea treatment for a slimmer silhouette, boosted immune system and a refreshed...

Coming soon!
 Detox Duo - Tee und Kapseln Gegengift

DETOX YOUR LIFE - with or gegengift detoxduo for your body and your skin with 46 antioxidants...

Coming soon!
Detox Tea (lose) Dr. Jackson's

Loose Detox Tea for gentle detoxification, improving your complexion and wellbeing.

Coming soon!
Expedition Tea (lose)  Dr. Jackson's

Energising tea blend with exotic flair and anti-ageing powers


Enjoy the power of our rejuvenation tea.

Matcha Ceremony Set

Experience the high art of preparing matcha in the comfort of your own home with the elegant...


Energy and relaxation in one bowl- Teatox Matcha revives your...

Harmony Chai

Spice up your day with Harmony Chai containing black tea and...

Pure Beauty Tee

Exotic tea composition for radiant skin and a feeling of wellbeing.

Coming soon!
Einklang - Detox Tee von Gegengift
Detox Tea

Vitamin-rich Detox Tea for greater harmony and relaxation – sip by sip. 

Coming soon!
Relax Tea lose Dr. Jackson's

Delicious tea blend with refreshing taste and a calming, de-stressing effect.

Coming soon!
Relax Tea Bags Dr. Jackson's

Delicious tea blend with refreshing taste and a calming, de-stressing effect.

Coming soon!
Dream On! Green Tea – 5 Night Detox

Detox overnight: Die Dream On! pads are the perfect way to reenergise, improve digestion and...

Coming soon!
Detox Tea (bags)  Dr. Jackson’s

Mildly sweet refreshment and relaxation for the body for improved wellbeing and a radiantly...

Comfort in the breaks in your day.

Brief moments for yourself during hectic days are special. They must be fully savoured so that you don’t neglect yourself. It’s not always easy to think about yourself and your own body. The tea creations and tea sets from natural cosmetics will help you do that. Every little break with some tea gives you new energy and strength. The special and high quality ingredients in the teas strengthen your body from the inside. Detox products are optimal nutritional supplements to compliment your balanced diet.

The wide range of products from Look Beautiful.

Exquisite and high quality ingredients support better well-being. Detox teas aim for a cleansing and purifying effect that is reflected in your appearance. Detox cleanses and purifies your body from the inside.

Matcha tea is a finely ground green tea that traditionally comes from Asia. It has been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years and is naturally rich in valuable substances. The teas are ideal for pleasurable moments and are also a valuable gift for loved ones. Detox Duo from Gegengift is a set containing tea and capsules.

It makes your skin and body feel pure.

Teatox offers a Skinny Detox Tea set. It helps you achieve a slimmer line while strengthening your immune system. The set contains Good Morning Tea and Good Night Tea. All the ingredients and of fine quality and purely organic. Green tea combats tiredness and is a healthy stimulant in the morning. Mate leaves increase your vitality and invigorate body and spirit. Nettles help to flush toxins out of the body. Goji berries provide important antioxidants for the body.

This will be the beginning of you having a fresh complexion and sparkling eyes every day.

Balm and hibiscus flowers are calming and relaxing.They help you have a good and restful sleep, giving you a fresh complexion in the morning. Other select ingredients enhance the healthy benefits. Fat burning is stimulated and the regenerative capacity of the body increased.

You’ll find these teas and many others in our range!

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