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Regulatpro® SET 2 | Dr. Niedermaier
Dr. Niedermaier

Regulatpro® Active DTX + Dr. Niedermaier® Spirulina Base - SET 2

1 Piece

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Special features

Regulatpro® Active DTX:

✓ supports healthy liver function and metabolism

✓ maintains the balance of the intestinal mucosa

✓ keep the nervous system stable  

✓ energises.

Spirulina Base:

✓ Naturally high in iron and protein

✓ Ideal for women, particularly pregnant women, athletes, old people, children and blood donors

✓ For supporting vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic and raw food diets

Detail description

Supports the detoxification process! Regulatpro Active DTX from REGULAT BEAUTY activates the detoxifying organs to remove toxins from the cells and tissues. With the patented Regulatessenz®, which also contains many vitamins and minerals which support your body: choline helps maintain normal liver function and regulate the metabolism. Riboflavin supports healthy intestinal mucosa. A combination of vitamins reduces stress, tiredness and strengthens the immune system. 

Alongside Regulatpro Active DTX you should take another product, depending on the effect you want to achieve: 

Dr. Niedermaier Spirulina Base combined with Regulatpro Active DTX is ideal for pregnant women, athletes, old people, children and blood donors. The high iron and protein content makes the base a valuable source of nutrition for easily tolerated protein and essential amino acids.

Free from:

Colours and preservative, gluten and milk.

There can be deviation in smell, colour, taste and opacity due to the use of fresh ingredients. 

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How to use

As a complete concept we recommend the following usage:


15ml Regulatpro® Active DTX

Drink 1 measuring spoonfuls of Dr. Niedermaier® Spirulina Base dissolved in water. Note: do not stir with a metal spoon.


15ml Regulatpro® Active DTX

Drink 2 measuring spoonfuls of Dr. Niedermaier® Spirulina Base dissolved in water. Note: do not stir with a metal spoon.


Note: If your stomach/guts are hypersensitive, add 15ml of Regulatpro® Active DTX to a glass of water.

It is not necessary to leave time between taking Regulatpro® Active DTX and Dr. Niedermaier® Spirulina Base.


The recommended dose should not be exceeded. Should not be used to replace a balance and varied diet

and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children.

- Shake well before use. Use within a month after opening. Store below 25° C.


REGULATESSENZ® cascade fermented concentrate (contains water, lemons, figs, dates, walnuts, soya beans, onions, coconut, glycerin (plant), celery, mung bean sprouts, acerola extract (17.5 % vit. C) 0.7 %, artichokes, peas, millet, spice mix, turmeric, saffron), orange juice concentrate, agave syrup, artichoke extract 1.5 %, dimethylsulfon 1.5 %, olive leaf extract 1 %, cranberry extract 1 %, horsetail extract 1 %, choline chloride 0.56 %, zinc chloride 0.15 %, natural flavouring, ginseng extract 0.05 %, calcium-D-pantothenate 0.03 %, cholecalciferol 0.03 %, nicotinamide 0.02 %, ginger extract 0,01 %, pyridoxin hydrochloride 0.003 %, riboflavin 0.002 %, thiamin hydrochloride 0.002 %, sodium selenate 0.0006 %, cyanocobalamin 0.000004 %.

Spirulina Base: 100 % spirulina platensis, pure blue-green microalgae.



Dr. Niedermaier

Regulat Beauty: Healthy Beauty Drinks & Beauty Products from Dr. Niedermaier

Since its founding in 1939, Dr. Niedermaier Pharma GmbH has been setting new revolutionary standards for millions of people to maintain natural beauty and health.

In decades of research, pharmacist Dr. Hans Niedermaier developed the three-stage fermentation process, which was further developed by the daughter Dr. Niedermaier-May following her father's example and has been newly patented since 2014. Through cascade fermentation, valuable, secondary plant substances are sustainably extracted from the plant matrix and concentrated in REGULATESSENZ®.

Due to the gentle, special process of cascade fermentation, the use of preservatives, chemical additives, sugar and alcohol can be dispensed with during the production of REGULATESSENZ®.

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8 Apr 2022

Ich bin viel stressresistenter und fühle mich in meiner Haut wieder wohl

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