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Regulatpro Stress Protect
Dr. Niedermaier

Regulatpro Stress Protect

34.8 g (€94.68 / 100 g)

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Special features

✓ gegen körperlichen Stress oder psychischen Stress und freie Radikale
✓ unterstützt die allgemeine Gesundheit und dient zur Steigerung der Lebensqualität
✓ mit Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Selen, Zink, Beta-Carotin, Riboflavin
✓ vegetarische Kapsel

Detail description

Both physical and mental stress cause an accumulation of free radicals. These are chemical particles that are missing an electron. They take an electron from the cell wall components or cell organelles in the body, causing cell damage. At times of stress, Dr. Niedermaier Stress Protection helps maintain oxidative protection. The effective and intelligent combination of natural selenium yeast, vitamins and enzymes supports general health and improves life quality. This increases your resilience against stress. Developed using the most recent scientific research whose principles correspond to the rules of active cell protection from nature.

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Good to know

Regulatpro Stress Protect contains the nutrients selenium, riboflavin, vitamins C and E which help protect cells from oxidative stress. Selenium, vitamins A, C and D3 and folic acid also support immune system functioning.

Contains the recommended daily dose under EU guidelines in %: Selenium 100% Vitamin C 75% Folic acid 200% Vitamin E 50% Vitamin D3 200% Vitamin A 100% Vitamin B2 100% Free from gluten, lactose, fructose and genetically modified organisms.


Best before: 11.2020

How to use

Take two capsules daily with your main meal and swallow with water. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Regulatpro Stress Protect not be used to replace a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Powdered fermented mixture (Regulatferment) 52% (from lemons, figs, dates, walnuts, soybeans, onions, coconuts, celery, mung bean sprouts, artichokes, peas, millet; apple fiber); L-ascorbic acid, ferrous gulconate, selenium yeast 0.1%, D-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, hemp powder 4%, zinc nitrate, choleacalciferol, cyanocobalamin, beta-carotene, rivoflavin, folic acid.


Dr. Niedermaier

Regulat Beauty: Healthy Beauty Drinks & Beauty Products from Dr. Niedermaier

Since its founding in 1939, Dr. Niedermaier Pharma GmbH has been setting new revolutionary standards for millions of people to maintain natural beauty and health.

In decades of research, pharmacist Dr. Hans Niedermaier developed the three-stage fermentation process, which was further developed by the daughter Dr. Niedermaier-May following her father's example and has been newly patented since 2014. Through cascade fermentation, valuable, secondary plant substances are sustainably extracted from the plant matrix and concentrated in REGULATESSENZ®.

Due to the gentle, special process of cascade fermentation, the use of preservatives, chemical additives, sugar and alcohol can be dispensed with during the production of REGULATESSENZ®.

Customer evaluation for "Regulatpro Stress Protect"
8 Apr 2022

so beruhigend! bin einfach begeistert

10 Mar 2022

Sehr gut!

Ich habe eine ziemlich stressige Zeit in meinem Leben hinter mir, die mich geistig und körperlich stark beansprucht hat. Ich habe monatelang mit Schlaflosigkeit, Kopfschmerzen und schlechter Laune zu kämpfen gehabt. Danach habe ich den Entschluss gefasst, dass ich viel mehr auf mich aufpassen werde und nehme vorsorglich diese Tabletten. Ich bin ausgeglichener und das allgemeine Wohlbefinden ist besser.

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