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Stella Me

#shecan Turmalsoap

1 Piece
€22.95 €13.75

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Special features

✓ Argan oil cares for the skin
✓ Moisturizers
✓ 100% Natural Ingredients

Detail description

Stella Me soap is vegan and belongs to the category of natural cosmetics. The origin of the black soap with tourmaline comes from Japan. The base of this soap is sodium cocoate. The Brazilian tourmaline and the activated carbon give the soap its special note. This unique mixture is rounded off with argan oil. The tourmaline contained in the soap provides a cleansing and at the same time energy-giving component.

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Good to know

The soap contains no fragrances. It gets its black colour from the activated carbon and the black Brazilian tourmaline. It comes from a German soap manufacturer and is unique and exotic with this composition of ingredients!

How to use

Lightly foam the soap with water and wash face and hands. Do not scare! The foam is black / greyish.


Sodium Cocoate, Aqua Glycerin, Coconut, Acid, Tourmaline, Crystal Powder, Argania, Spinosa, Kernel Oil, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Chloride


Stella Me


Good health is mankind‘s most valuable asset. The human body is indeed a wonder of nature. It is very robust but not infinitely durable. We want our bodies to look great, be radiant and stay healthy.

 Achieving this takes some doing. TheTraditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), as a relevant traditional component of the old century Asian culture, offers a solid basis for developing products that provide us humans with a sense of wellbeing and support us in keeping our lives in balance. We at Stella Me, as believers in TCM, have devoted ourselves to precisely this matter and staged our activities towards developing products which in alignment with TCM, help people be in harmony with themselves and stay fit.

From this perspective, the detoxification of the body, i.e. the the reduction of harmful pollutions in the body is a most relevant process in keeping fit. To do so, we step into the world of detoxing.

About us:

Stella Me is a wellness brand that focuses on manufacturing and distributing products from the detox segment. The idea goes back to the century-old Asian tradition in which the healing effects of plants and minerals were successfully applied and have proved successful to this very day.

Stelle Me detox pads are the brand’s core product.  While a choice of different pads for different ailments  is avaiable, all products contain a high percentage of  best quality turmalin. Stella Me together with our Chinese TCM experts  have refined the formula for better suitability for the needs of present day living.



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