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Face Scrub

Nowadays, scrubs are part of our skin care for beautiful skin. A scrub is perfect for achieving smooth skin with visible and palpable results. 
Our skin is renewed every 28 days. The older we become, the slower the cells regenerate.
Scrubs remove the epidermal layer and smooth the skin. 

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Detox Home Treatment Set | Pharmos Natur | Look Beautiful Products
Skin care / detox

 3 week detox intensive course For your face. Regenerates,...

Sparduo: Algen-Peeling & Feuchtigkeits Crème I Pharmos Natur
Skin care

A finely ground algae scrub combined with an effective moisturizer for the whole day.

Konjac Gesichtsschwamm(roter Tonerde)

Konjac face sponge with French red clay - a fabulous, deeply cleansing face sponge with gentle...

Konjac Gesichtsschwamm(Bambuskohle)

The Konjac face sponge with bamboo charcoal is ideal for teenage and greasy skin prone to...


The organic aloe vera peeling, with finely ground algae, frees the...

Moisturizing refining enzymatic peel

The innovative, luxurious Gel-to-Milk formulation for more...

Konjac Gesichtsschwamm(Grüne Tonerde)

Konjac face sponge French Green - with French green clay - ideal for oily and normal skin...

Konjac Gesichtsschwamm(Rosa Tonerde)

Konjac face sponge with French pink clay - ideal for dry, sensitive & mature skin.

Konjac Gesichtsschwamm(Original)

Original Konjac facial sponge - made from 100% pure plant fiber - for all skin types even with...

Face Scrub For Glowing Radiance von ILA Spa
Face scrub

Exquisite scrub containing Cotswolds honey, blackcurrants and Damascus rose for a radiantly...

Body Brush | Aromatherapy Associates

Your skin will be radiantly fresh and revitalised after a massage from Aromatherapy...

Dead skin cells are removed and clogged pores cleaned. The skin becomes visibly smoother, looks more healthy and radiantly fresh. The complexion is clarified and visibly refined. Scrub granules gently exfoliate and promote blood circulation in the skin. The skin is optimally prepared for subsequent care and ready to absorb the products.

Face Scrubs - how often? 

The drier your skin, the longer you should leave between scrubs. Too frequent exfoliation can irritate the skin. Redness, irritation and spots show that the skin needs some rest. Once a weeks is enough, depending on the skin type.

Scrubs for the face

A gentle scrub can quickly improve dull, dry skin or skin prone to blemishes. Subsequent anti-ageing care will be more effective.

Scrubs for the neckline

The skin on the neckline is extremely thin and sensitive. The good news is that there is no cellulite there. Since there is little connective tissue there, the area is prone to wrinkles. The skin at the neckline is very sensitive, so it should be treated carefully with a gentle scrub.

Face Scrub - because beauty and wellbeing shine through in our skin.

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