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Face Serum

Complete facial skin care should include, alongside a thorough and gentle cleanse and a care cream for your specific skin type, also a serum.  The range of serums is as diverse as their effects - for every skin need there is the right serum.  Compared with a cream, a face serum has a much higher concentration of active ingredients.

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Lakia AC Clear Ampoule

The AC Clear Ampule contains Aloe Barbadensis juice....

Anti-Stress Serum Ampullen-Set | Pharmos Natur | Look Beautiful Products
Skin care

Anti-Stress Serum instant effect. Perfect cell and light-nutrition for the skin and soul with...

Sparduo - Rainforest Renew Eyeserum & Day Cream I ILA Spa
Day cream and eye serum

The perfect freshness kick serum for the delicate eye area combined with a light,...

Lakia Brightening Ampoule

The Lakia ampoule uses niacinamide as a skin-active ingredient, as...

Lakia Vitamin Ampoule

Lakia Vitamin Ampoules contain select, highly effective ingredients, making them power...

Lakia Hyaluronic Ampoule

This Hyaluron ampoule serves to strengthen and protect your...

Anti-Stress Serum

Nature has a lasting effect in the ANTI-STRESS SERUM. It gives you a silky shimmering skin...

Sesitiv Gel

A harmonizing aloe vera gel for the most sensitive skin....


Regenerating aloe vera gel for the daily moisturizing of the...

Super Radiance Elixir
Face cream

Treat your skin to an intensive...

Energizing Serum

The pampering texture in a first class face...

Collagen – Nutrition Serum von It's Skin
Anti-Aging Face serum

Skin nourishment – nourishing serum with marine collagen for radiant skin. The serum...

Rainforest Renew Range Eyeserum Cellular Regeneration von ILA Spa

Refreshing Eye Serum with active ingredients from the Amazon - for...

Bee Special -  Wonder Bee Gesichtscreme & Serum

2 must-haves for dry skin. Hyaluronic intensively moisturises, while the multi-vitamin complex...

Prestige Sérum d’Escargot + Prestige Eye Sérum d’Escargot von It's Skin
Face & eye serum

Luxury care in a twin pack – serum set for shining eyes and wonderfully soft...

Anti-Aging Serum

Magical skin care: anti-ageing serum from Monaco for a youthful, radiant complexion

Eclat d’Opale – Anti-Aging Lifting-Konzentrat

Nature knows best: natural lifting concentrate containing extracts of raspberry and oats.

LR Wonder Company - Wonder Bee Facial Serum

Innovative anti-ageing care: special serum with bee venom, hyaluronic acid and precious...

Also, serums are usually water-based, so they are immediately absorbed by the skin. This enables the ingredients such as vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to work quickly and effectively.

Layering for beautiful skin

For effective anti-ageing, use layering: after cleansing comes - possibly after a concentrate - the serum and then a cream. This allows you to combine serums and creams from different cosmetics ranges with various ingredients. The decisive factor is the effects you want to achieve, or that you want to enhance with the serum. For example, before a collagen cream you could use a hyaluronic acid serum, as it complements the effect of the beauty product perfectly: the hyaluronic acids gives you firm, well hydrated skin, while the collagen counters skin slackness and regenerates the support fibres in the skin. 

Skin care with a system



The various cosmetic approaches for achieving beautiful skin are as varied as the range of face serums. Depending on your care needs, you can choose one that regenerates the skin, enhances its radiance, reduces pigment spots, minimises wrinkles or large pores, combats blemishes or firms the skin. As with other creams, the product description generally states what skin types the serum suits. Serums should be easily tolerated by all skin types, as they don’t contain any  rich textures that could be problematic for mixed or blemished skin. Depending on the serum, you could use it in summer for oily skin instead of a cream. If you have dry skin, you should use a rich cream after the serum to give your skin the necessary lipids.

The benefits of serums are that their high concentration of active ingredients and light texture produce quicker results and that with a serum you can focus on a certain effect and thereby ensure all-round care for your skin, which is vital for effective anti-ageing. They don’t replace a cream, but provide direct and enhanced effects according to your needs. If you want beautiful, well nourished skin, use a face serum daily under your day or night cream. 

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