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Face Tanner

Beautifully bronzed skin like after a week’s holiday by the sea - that’s what many want all year round and without being exposed to harmful UV rays. A self-tanner offers a simple and skin-friendly alternative to hours of sunbathing or a trip to the tanning salon. It creates a beautiful tan on your face and body, immediately giving you a healthy, radiant complexion and a good figure, because tanned skin is slimming.

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Beer Cream Deep Bronze | LR Wonder Company | Look Beautiful Products
Body cream

Bronzing body cream for fabulously beautiful skin...

Beer Cream  – Deep Bronze
Body cream

Bronzing body cream for fabulously beautiful skin...

The best thing is that bronzing cream is much healthier for your skin that exposing it to UV rays. Because UV light forms free radicals on the skin, which destroy skin cells and so prematurely age the skin. Self-tanners contain ingredients that react with the skin to form a tan on the upper skin layers. It usually takes a few hours for the tan to develop and the effect lasts for about a week. To increase the depth of the tan and to maintain it, you can apply more self-tanner daily. You can create a particularly even tan by using a scrub beforehand and additional skin care so that your skin is optimally moisturised.

Bronzing creams don’t only contain bronzing substances, but also nourishing, moisturising ingredients or anti-ageing ingredients for your face. So you can use self-tanners for a prolonged period as they give you not only bronzed, but also beautiful skin. Bronzing products have developed a great deal since the first bronzing creams came onto the market: the products are easy to apply and give an even tan. The tone is natural, like that achieved by sunbathing.  Self-tanners also smell nice. Self-bronzers come as lotions, creams, balms, gels, oils, foams or sprays. Choose whichever you prefer and find easiest to use.  You can also buy self-bronzing cloths, which are easy to use. Self-tanners are usually suitable for normal skin, but suitability is stated on each product. You must be aware that self-tanners contain no sun protection, unless explicitly stated. So if you’re out in the sun you’ll need additional skin care with light protection factor.

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