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Facial Cleanser

Beauty begins with facial cleansing

We all now want to stay looking young as long as possible. A youthful appearance begins with facial cleansing, because you need to remove excess skin grease and make-up. Your skin needs to be treated gently and so does the environment. Facial cleansing is essential for preventing a blemished complexion. Of course you need to choose the right care products, because every skin type is different and needs special cleansing.  Soap cleans your body and hands but it is unsuitable for your face. Special care products are available for your face, so have a look and choose what’s right for you.

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Spartrio - Cleansing Milk, Toning Mist & Gesichtspflegegerät mit LED

Facial cleansing and care in combination with a designer care...

Reinigungs-Emulsion & Feuchtigkeitsspray & Gesichtspflegegerät Trio
Skin care

A particularly mild skin cleansing combined with a moisturizing...

Gesichtspflegegerät, Soap & Aura Mist Trio

Face care against premature skin aging in combination with a...

Sparduo: Gesichtspflegegerät & Soap | LBP

Farewell to wrinkles! The source of eternal youth packaged in a...

Prestige d’Escargot Wash Corps & Lotion Duo von It's Skin
Body care duo

Luxury wash and bodylotion from Korea - tightens, regenerates...

Konjac Gesichtsschwamm (roter Tonerde)
Face cleansing

Konjac face sponge with French red clay - a fabulous, deeply...

Clarity - Gesichtsgel  Cloud9 Skin Solutions
Facial cleansing gel

The face gel Clarity by Cloud 9 Skin Solutions, helps to soothe...

Dust Defense Cleansing Pack  von It's Skin
Facial clanser

The Dust Defense protects and cleans...

Face scrub

The organic aloe vera peeling, with...

Face cleanser

The cleansing emulsion with Bio Aloe...

Coming soon!
Detox Travel Set von Gegengift
Detox Set

Detox Set for world travellers, providing valuable antioxidants...

Coming soon!
5-Phasen Detox Set von Gegengift
Detox Set

Exclusive detox set with antioxidants for pure, firmer skin and...

Facial cleansing is a question of skin type.

You’ll quickly find the optimal cleansing products for your special skin type as we have a very wide selection and a cream for every type. Foaming wash creams are suitable for greasy skin and if you tend to get spots and blackheads, use ph neutral and antibacterial cleansing products. Special face waters are available for pore-deep cleansing of your whole face. Cleansing lotion or cleansing gels are ideal for sensitive skin as they contain no alcohol or fragrances and cleanse your skin gently. You can also use mineral water and white tea, which calm skin and are really gentle. For dry skin, cleansing oils and creams are particularly good as they have rehydrating lipids and bind moisture.

Daily facial cleansing

Of course for cleansing your face you need special accessories that ensure pore-deep and gentle cleansing. That’s why we sell cleansing brushes that you can use with confidence. Normally sensitive skin can easily become irritated and red, but these cleansing brushes are gentle on sensitive skin.

In our shop you’ll find everything you need for special facial cleansing. Make your skin radiant. With these care products your complexion will be improved and you’ll feel young and beautiful again. Discover the high quality creams, cleansing lotions, masks, nourishing oils etc. With our products you’ll achieve a flawless complexion that will be the envy of everyone. Look at the various creams, oils and skin lotion. We have the right product for your skin type that will make your face shine again. Use the products daily, because only regular application will achieve visible improvements in your complexion. Skin care is essential for a flawless and youthful appearance.

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