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Facial Tools

Face brushes or face cleansing brushes are tools and beauty accessories applied in the field of beauty and cosmetics. They are used for thorough, pore-deep cleansing of the skin. They stimulate the blood circulation and thereby help you achieve a flawless complexion. An electric rotating face brush is suitable for daily, easy cleansing of the skin. The newest trend: oscillating face brushes with bristles that vibrate back and forth a hundred times per second. They promise to reduce wrinkles and refine pores for incomparably smooth skin. After all, your skin and face are one of the most important aspects of a first impression.

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Sonic Wave Machine
Facial Tool

Ila’s gentle Sonic Wave Therapy promote deep skin cell...

Spartrio - Cleansing Milk, Toning Mist & Gesichtspflegegerät mit LED

Facial cleansing and care in combination with a designer care...

Gesichtspflegegerät, Soap & Aura Mist Trio

Face care against premature skin aging in combination with a...

Sparduo: Gesichtspflegegerät & Soap | LBP

Farewell to wrinkles! The source of eternal youth packaged in a...

Konjac Gesichtsschwamm (roter Tonerde)
Face cleansing

Konjac face sponge with French red clay - a fabulous, deeply...

Konjac Gesichtsschwamm(Bambuskohle)
Face cleansing

The Konjac face sponge with bamboo charcoal is ideal for teenage...


Feel and look younger: skin care with gentle LED pulsation.

Coming soon!
Hautpflegegerät Luna (Blau) von Foreo
Facial cleansing brush

Firmness and clarity in only two minutes: Luna™ cleanses...

Konjac Gesichtsschwamm(Grüne Tonerde)
Face cleansing

Konjac face sponge French Green - with French green clay - ideal...

Konjac Gesichtsschwamm(Rosa Tonerde)
Face cleansing

Konjac face sponge with French pink clay - ideal for dry,...

Coming soon!
Hautpflegegerät Luna (Rosa) von Foreo
Facial cleansing brush

Firmness and clarity in only two minutes: Luna™ cleanses...

Konjac Gesichtsschwamm(Original)
Face cleansing

Original Konjac facial sponge - made from 100% pure plant fiber...

Particularly women who wear make-up need to give their face thorough cleansing and care. This reliably and quickly removes any remnants of make-up. It’s the most effective means against blocked pores. It prevents spots and skin irritation.  Electric rotating or oscillating face cleansing brushes remove both dirt and dead skin cells. They massage the skin. The result is softer, pinker and more healthy skin. The electric rotating face brushes have a small, effective motor. The motor moves a brush head that cleanses and exfoliates your face. The soft, fine bristles of the face brush reach every pore in the skin. They remove grease, as well as remnants of cosmetics and make-up. Deep cleansing improves the respiration of the skin. It also reduces the occurrence of skin blemishes such as spots and blackheads. Cleansing with a skin brush prepares your skin optimally for care products such as face creams.  Anti-ageing products can then be better and more deeply absorbed. Most face brush models offer various brush heads for different skin types, such as oily, dry or sensitive skin. The perfect cleansing brush is presented in the set with changeable heads. Face cleansing brushes are also suitable for treating skin disorders such as acne and rosacea. On normal skin types than can achieve incomparable, attractive results. Basically face brushes can be divided into two categories. The classic is the rotating cleansing brush. The rotating motion facilitates pore-deep cleansing, but it is slightly more rough, suitable for people with oily or normal skin. The alternative is oscillating face brushes. It oscillates back and forth hundreds of times a second. This produces sound waves that are particularly gentle and ideal for dry and/or sensitive skin. Also: The brush heads for face brushes should be changed every 3 to 6 months. You need to consider the function and features of the face brushes when choosing one. For incomparably smooth and flawless skin!

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