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Makeup Remover

Unfortunately all your carefully applied make-up needs to be removed before going to bed.  For your skin’s sake, make sure you remove your make-up and use a high quality product. A high quality make-up remover combined with good care products is the key for beautiful and pure skin. You are sure to find the right product in our carefully selected range.

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Spartrio - Cleansing Milk, Toning Mist & Gesichtspflegegerät mit LED

Facial cleansing and care in combination with a designer care...

Reinigungs-Emulsion & Feuchtigkeitsspray & Gesichtspflegegerät Trio
Skin care

A particularly mild skin cleansing combined with a moisturizing...

Gesichtspflegegerät, Soap & Aura Mist Trio

Face care against premature skin aging in combination with a...

Sparduo: Gesichtspflegegerät & Soap | LBP

Farewell to wrinkles! The source of eternal youth packaged in a...

Konjac Gesichtsschwamm (roter Tonerde)
Face cleansing

Konjac face sponge with French red clay - a fabulous, deeply...

Konjac Gesichtsschwamm(Bambuskohle)
Face cleansing

The Konjac face sponge with bamboo charcoal is ideal for teenage...

Face cleanser

The cleansing emulsion with Bio Aloe...

Syn-AKE Wrinkle Soap
Face soap

Foaming fountain of youth – Syn-AKE Soap with a marvellous...

Coming soon!
Reinheit – Detox Reinigungsmilch von Gegengift
Facial cleanser

Pure pleasure – regenerating cleansing milk with 46...

Konjac Gesichtsschwamm(Grüne Tonerde)
Face cleansing

Konjac face sponge French Green - with French green clay - ideal...

Konjac Gesichtsschwamm(Rosa Tonerde)
Face cleansing

Konjac face sponge with French pink clay - ideal for dry,...

Konjac Gesichtsschwamm(Original)
Face cleansing

Original Konjac facial sponge - made from 100% pure plant fiber...

Opale Monaco Cleansing Milk
Face cleanser

Exquisite cleansing milk with Damascus rose water for a clearer,...

Beauty products should always match your own skin type, and that goes for make-up removers too. Perfect results are achieved by a special face sponge or a wash emulsion/ face soap/cleansing lotion, which helps cleanse your face pore-deep and prevent blemishes.

For facial cleansing we recommend a Konjak sponge, which is 100% natural plant fibres and so is suitable for even very sensitive skin. The sponge is very light and wonderfully soft. It is totally free from chemical additives and naturally rich in moisture. So it cleanses your skin without any other products and refines pores. If you can’t do without your cleansing product, you can use them in addition to the sponge.

Dead skin cells should be removed during cleansing. The Konjak sponge does it effortlessly. But make sure you regularly give your sponge a thorough clean and sterilise it. Simply put it in boiling water. Change the sponge after about 2 months. Tip: when you’ve finished with your sponge, bury it in a plant pot or in the garden to help keep your plants moisturised!

You can apply a gentle cleansing emulsion or cleansing lotion with your hands, cotton pads, a flannel or sponge, whatever you prefer. But it is important when choosing a product to make sure it suits your skin type and won’t irritate it. Preferably choose one with plant ingredients and without fragrances.

Does your skin tend to be dry or oily? For each type there is the right care product. Likewise if you have allergies or very sensitive skin, a few wrinkles or mature skin you can find the right product for facial cleansing.

Treat your skin to special care and choose a cleansing product that not only cleanses your skin, but also nourishes it. Our range includes a Detox cleansing lotion with 46 antioxidants, as well as face soap with anti-ageing effect, a cleansing lotion with protective effect and a cleansing lotion enriched with Damascus rose water.

Your complexion will be grateful of the careful cleansing and care. Beautiful skin doesn’t come by itself, but with thorough, pore-deep cleansing and removal of dead skin cells your skin begins to shine. No more blemishes! Also ensure you have a balanced, healthy diet and use only high quality make-up – so that you always look fresh and well groomed.


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