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Skin Detox

Detox is more than just a trend, because more and more women have been convinced by detoxing and its regular application as a holistic concept.  A detox programme includes not only drinking herbal teas and eating healthy food, but also special care products to promote detoxification of the skin and healthy skin. 

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Applied internally and externally, detox products achieve quick results, but even if you just use skin care products that have a detox effect, they are effective in achieving beautiful skin. You can now choose from an extensive range of beauty products with a detox effect, that can be used not only as part of a detox programme, but alone to achieve radiant skin.

Cleansing products for your face and body range from serums and creams to special face oils and numerous skin care products that clarify the skin, giving you a beautiful complexion. Your skin will benefit from detox products because they break down the toxins accumulated through stress, lack of sleep and metabolic processes which cause skin ageing. Detox skincare supports the purification of mature skin because as you age the skin’s own defense and cleansing systems become weaker.

Detox ingredients in skin care products eliminate harmful substances in the skin, purify it, making it look more refined and radiant, as well as achieving an anti-ageing effect. It is worth using detox creams or serums occasionally or using a detox scrub or mask once a week, because apart from the anti-ageing effect, the skin care products give you a radiant complexion. The highly effective care products remove harmful substances from the skin, promote cell metabolism, boost microcirculation and therefore have a rejuvenating effect. The detoxing substances are mostly derived from plants, such as red hibiscus, olive extracts, spirulina algae, ginger and moringa.

There are detox products for blemished skin, and ones for those over 30 with blemishes. Detox masks with clay and essential oils thoroughly cleanse blemished and mixed skin, leaving you with a refined complexion. Face serums with detox effect purify the skin and are often also enriched with anti-ageing ingredients that smooth wrinkles and give you a radiant, firm complexion.

The detox effect of skin care products is particularly effective at night, so there are special night creams, masks and elixirs for the night. The products state the skin type they are suitable for. As well as masks, serums, scrubs, day and night creams, there are also eye care products, shower gels, body lotions and shampoos with a detox effect.

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