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Almond Oil

100 ml

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Special features

✓ Countless areas of application
✓ Controlled and certified natural cosmetics
✓ 100% natural almond oil without additives
✓ Vegan
✓ Made in Germany
✓ Perfect for sensitive, dry skin for the whole family

Detail description

The almond oil from Elixr is a pure natural product and a must-have for the gentle care of skin, hair and face. Only almond oil contains so many vitamins and nutrients, making your skin wonderfully supple and soft. Thanks to the mild ingredients and he naturalness of the oil, it is perfect for the whole family. Also for sensitive adult and baby skin. The almond oil has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids and a tremendous vitamin and nutrient mix with vitamins A, E, D and B vitamins, resulting in optimal care!

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Good to know

The unsaturated fatty acids can penetrate deep into the skin and improve elasticity. The vitamin A: protects the skin from environmental influences, the vitamin E (tocopherol): known for its antioxidant effect and the vitamin D is classically absorbed through the sun, but is also found in almonds. The B vitamins (biotin, folic acid or pantothenic acid): support cell growth and regeneration of the skin.

How to use

The almond oil has numerous application possibilities for you:

On the face, you can use the oil as a facial oil and thus ensure a soft and supple skin - Daily on the face gently massage.
As a make-up remover, the oil can also be used wonderfully - On a cotton pad give a small amount of oil and clean your face with it.
As eyelash and eyebrow care the oil is also suitable - For long eyelashes and bushy eyebrows spread a small amount of the oil evenly with a small brush.
For dry and chapped lips - apply a few drops to your lips. The oil is also ideal as a beard care!

For hair care, you can of course also use the oil. - As a hair oil, put a few drops of the oil in your hair after shampooing - do not forget the scalp.
For extremely dry hair, the oil is also suitable as a hair treatment - Massage thoroughly into the hair before shampooing and leave for 15 minutes.
For dry scalp, massage a few drops of the oil directly onto the scalp and leave on overnight. Then wash out with shampoo - Also suitable for babies.

Almond oil also does not stop at body care. - It is excellent as a body oil. You can also mix the almond oil with other essential oils of Elixr to have so always perfectly for your mood a suitable oil ready. - After the shower or bath, gently massage the body with the oil.
In pregnancy, the oil is perfect as a preventive measure against stretch marks. As a massage oil, the almond oil is also used with pleasure - Suitable for adult and baby skin.
Who suffers from shaving pimples or always has irritated skin after shaving is perfectly equipped with the almond oil. The oil cares for the skin even before shaving - Gently massage a few drops of the oil, then shave.
As a bath oil for you and your baby, the oil is the perfect product - it saves you from creaming after the bath because it lays like a protective shield around your skin and thus provides your skin with optimal moisture. - Add a sufficient amount to your bath and enjoy.
The almond oil is just perfect for the care of your baby. - You can use the almond oil all over your baby's body - even in the diaper area.


prunus amygdalus dulcis oil



Elixr - The Original: Rituals from natural medicine with certified natural cosmetics

ELIXR was founded in Munich in 2018 with the mission to bring holistic, proven rituals from natural medicine back into everyday life.

ELIXR finds that people who are emotionally balanced go through life much easier and radiate with full vitality from the heart. With ELIXR's products, the natural cosmetics brand therefore takes a holistic approach and relies on the knowledge of natural medicine traditions that have been tried and tested for thousands of years, such as TCM, Ayurveda and aromatherapy, all of which see the body and mind as a whole.

ELIXR revolutionizes a traditional beauty ritual from Ayurveda! Thanks to ELIXR, the proven beauty method becomes a feel-good and taste experience for all senses with selected essential oils from aromatherapy.



Customer evaluation for "Almond Oil"
9 Feb 2023

Almond oil is the key to healthy skin!

2 Feb 2022


Ich verwende es zur Gesichtsreinigung und es pflegt meine Haut wirklich gut. Sie wird sehr weich und hat keine trockenen Stellen mehr.

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