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Color Wow - High quality care products for coloured hair

Founded by Gail Federici, the Color Wow brand develops quality care products specifically designed to meet the needs of coloured hair. Gail is a passionate beauty problem solver and her innovative haircare company is often referred to as "The Apple of Haircare". ColorWow has already won 70 beauty awards.

The original goal was to prevent frizz and lighten blonde hair. ColorWow products offer hairdressers and hair care lovers a fast, safe and smart way to care for hair without damaging the colour - a revolutionary solution for colour-treated hair with the highest performance.

Every ingredient in ColorWow products is tested for safety and efficacy and is guaranteed to have no negative impact on hair colour. The products are not tested on animals and are free from parabens, sulphates and toxic ingredients.


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Color Wow

Cleansing and hair care with Color Wow

The Dream Filter from ColorWow provides deep cleansing for particularly intense hair colour. The Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner is specially formulated for coloured hair to protect hair colour during washing. You can even choose a version of the conditioner that suits your hair length - either the Color Security Conditioner for fine to normal hair or the Color Security Conditioner for normal to thick hair.

The Dream Cocktails - Building Leave-In Styling Creams nourish the hair. For damaged hair, we recommend the Kale Cocktail to reduce hair breakage. For stringy, dry hair, use the Coconut Cocktail, which not only provides the necessary moisture, but also improves the bounce and flexibility of the hair. For fine and thinning hair, we recommend the Carb Cocktail as this leave-in treatment repairs and adds volume to your hair.

Moisture protection with Color Wow

The Dream Coat by Colorwow is a moisture protector and gives straight and curly hair supernatural shine. Since curly and straight hair need different care, you can choose between Dream Coat for curly hair for perfectly twisted, kink-free and shiny curls and Dream Coat for straight hair for a silky and smooth texture with beautiful shine, depending on your hair type.