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Stella Me: Detox Nightspa Foot Pads

Stella Me was founded in 2015 by the Wilbertz family. From the multitude of previously known and so-called Detoxpads, which find their origin in traditional Japanese herbal teachings, a line was developed that meets the highest demands.

The heart of the brand are the Nightspa pads based on tourmaline, herbs and other vital substances. 5 varieties for 5 different needs. The products contain only 100% natural ingredients. The infrared radiation emitted by the tourmaline activates the reflex zones under the foot. This stimulates the metabolism.

Stella Me products offer a way to increase your own well-being. Stress in everyday life also makes you tired and unhappy in the long run. Since beauty and well-being come from within, more and more exhausted people are taking wellness cures. The trend is above all to find oneself and to come clean with one's body.

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