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Mizon wurde im Jahr 2000 von engagierten Forschern des führenden koreanischen Kosmetikunternehmens Nabion R&D Company entwickelt und bietet Make-up-, Haut-, Körper- und Haarpflegelinien, die auf umfassend erforschten, hochwertigen Formeln basieren.

Die Hautpflegeprodukte von Mizon sind hochwertige Naturprodukte mit ausgezeichneter Wirksamkeit und schnell sichtbaren Ergebnissen.

Als erste koreanische Marke, die eine CC-Creme auf den Markt gebracht hat, kombiniert Mizon eine Kultur der ständigen wissenschaftlichen Forschung mit einem minimalen Ansatz bei den Inhaltsstoffen. Wissenschaft und Natur treffen sich in dieser frischen Marke, die Schönheit für alle schaffen will.

Zu den beliebtesten Produkten gehören der Pore Refine Deep Cleansing Foam, die All-in-One Snail Repair Cream und die Water Volume Aqua Gel Cream.

Alle Mizon-Produkte werden in Korea hergestellt.

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MIZON – Inspired by Nature! Powered by Science Since its inception in 2010, Korean beauty brand MIZON has amassed the collective expertise of some of Korea’s top cosmetics researchers to produce premium-grade skin care that is as effective as it is affordable. Founded on twin beliefs in advanced technology and natural ingredients such as snail mucin and marine collagen, MIZON is a true skin care pioneer on multiple levels. Not only is it the first company in Korea to introduce the game-changing CC cream, MIZON is also one of the first K-Beauty brands to popularize the use of snail mucin in its products. Harnessing the skin-regeneration properties of this miracle ingredient, the MIZON Snail Repair line caters to an abundance of skin care needs ranging from hydration and intensive skin repair to eye care. No less effective is the marine-collagen-rich MIZON Collagen Power Lifting Ex line, which enhances skin resiliency to fend off signs of early aging. With its extensive catalogue of scientifically backed, gentle-on-skin products, the Korean brand ensures there is a MIZON skin care item for every step of your beauty routine, from a wide selection of MIZON creams to the MIZON AHA & BHA Daily Clean Toner. MIZON lives up to its slogan – “Only natural ingredients, innovation, and the pure energy of nature” – by constantly improving on its unique, high-tech interpretations of nature-inspired remedies.

MIZON – The Snail Mucin Expert

There’s a reason the garden-variety snail has been around for more than 600 million years – this hardy species is capable of secreting mucin with unique wound-healing properties. Humans have harnessed snail mucin for medicinal and cosmetic purposes since ancient times, particularly to repair tissue damage and to balance hydration levels. Packed with hyaluronic acid as well as proteins, peptides and elastin, snail mucin is excellent at evening skin tone, treating hyperpigmentation, fading acne scars, softening wrinkles and, naturally, moisturizing skin. Infused in creams and serums, they are true miracle workers.

One of the most popular products in MIZON’s Snail Repair line, MIZON’s All-In-One Snail Repair Cream contains 92% snail extract to thoroughly hydrate skin while creating a toned, refined and wrinkle-free finish. The MIZON Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule, meanwhile, offers extra nourishment for sensitive, stressed-out skin. Infused with 80% snail mucin, hyaluronic acid and plenty of cacao extract, it produces a dewy, plumped-up finish, in no small part due to its thicker-than-average consistency that penetrates deep inside skin for a prolonged revitalizing effect. If you’re looking for a lightweight day cream that doesn’t sacrifice potency, the MIZON Snail Recovery Gel Cream might just be the ticket. Containing 72% snail extract, as well as cica, portulaca and green tea extracts to repair damage, soothe skin and fight external aggressors, it offers ample hydration for summer months while leaving no sticky residue. For targeted eye care, the perennially bestselling MIZON Snail Repair Eye Cream is packed with 80% snail mucin as well as adenosine and niacinamide to produce a bright, firm finish while fending off dark circles and puffiness.

The premium MIZON Black Snail All In One Cream, which is infused with 90% snail mucin sourced from black snails of African origin, offers an even more exalted skin-rejuvenating experience. Anchored by snail mucin and topped with 20 kinds of black plant extracts as well as niacinamide, this heavy-hitter is powerful enough to restore health to troubled skin and provide instant brightening benefits. For a quick and lasting boost to dull, lackluster skin, anchor your beauty routine in MIZON’s Snail Repair line today! Its powerful formulas are a sure ticket to improved skin health.

MIZON – Combating Aging Skin with Collagen

Marine collagen, which is extracted from fish scales, comes with a similar molecular structure to the collagen found inside the human body. It’s scientifically shown to be capable of supplying mega infusions of moisture and nutrients to skin, making it the perfect ingredient for anti-aging skin care regimens. The MIZON Collagen Power Lifting Ex line, which infuses all its products with marine collagen, is well known for giving dry, aging skin a significant lift. Formulated with cacao extract, adenosine and organic argan oil on top of skin-boosting marine collagen, the MIZON Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream is a must-have for soothing, hydrating and revitalizing the skin around tired, puffy eyes. The Mizon Collagen Power Lifting Cream, meanwhile, restores glow to dull skin with a unique mix of 75% marine collagen, cica extract and hyaluronic acid. Packed with customer favorites, this bestselling line includes other essentials such as a skin-strengthening toner, collagen-infused eye patches and a highly potent serum containing 90% collagen. Together, they provide a sure route to youthful-looking skin.

MIZON – Hydrating, Exfoliating, Brightening and Smoothing Skin

Hydration lies at the heart of skin care, and there are few ingredients as potent as pure hyaluronic acid when it comes to giving your skin a dewy radiance. The MIZON Hyaluronic Acid gifts you that glow with a 50% hyaluronic acid formulation that, alongside ceramide and raspberry extract, fortifies the skin barrier to seal in moisture. Before applying the serum, you can first prep and hydrate the face with MIZON’s AHA & BHA Daily Clean Toner, which provides gentle exfoliation with a mix of potent yet gentle chemicals. If it’s regular exfoliation you need, the MIZON Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel can help. Formulated with tannin acid, cellulose fibers and apple extracts, this gentle gel sloughs off dead skin cells and excess sebum to reveal a smooth, poreless finish. For a lightweight finish to your makeup routine, MIZON’s BB creams offer the perfect solution. The popular Snail Repair Intensive BB Cream comes infused with 35% snail mucin for extra hydration while the Correct BB Cream SPF50 PA+++ evens out skin tone and blurs blemishes for a glowing finish. The Watermax Moisture BB Cream’s ultra-lightweight, super-moisturizing formula is perfect for creating a subtle glow.

MIZON – Powerful Skin Care Backed By Passionate Research

Combining a commitment to technology with natural, one-of-a-kind ingredients, MIZON is firmly positioned on the cutting edge of skin care. The MIZON Snail Repair line, like its collagen-rich line, has rightfully won the brand many accolades, not least because it works wonders on all skin types – from the damaged and stressed out to the sallow, dehydrated and aging. Standing out in a market increasingly flooded with snail repair creams and collagen-based products, MIZON prides itself on its rigorously researched, highly efficacious formulas that could easily be incorporated into any skin care routine. For a dose of nature-inspired, tech-based skin care, add to your K-Beauty collection today by browsing the selection of MIZON products at YesStyle. Pick your faves from amongst the bestselling MIZON snail creams, the deeply nourishing MIZON eye cream or any of the potent, skin-reviving MIZON ampoules. Whether you’re a K-Beauty novice or a seasoned connoisseur, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results!