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Vitamasques makes clean, animal-free, Korean-inspired skincare products to help you look and feel great. Why did Vitamasques choose skincare?

Well, after working in the luxury spa industry for 10 years and travelling frequently to South Korea, Vitamasques founders realised how different Korean skincare was compared to Western beauty products. Vitamasques started formulating products in South Korea to launch in the UK, with three main focuses:

- Clean formulations

- Cruelty free

- Availability to everyone.

Vitamasques wants your skin to be your best asset, not hidden behind make-up, and for you to wear your skin proudly. What are London beauty companies doing to become more sustainable?

They have started to introduce new fully biodegradable mask films and packaging, and are also proud to say that Vitamasques are continuing to innovate by being one of the first to use this new technology.

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