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New Products

Discover new arrivals of skin care products and beauty gifts on the cosmetics online shop
Look Beautiful. Find out more about the latest new arrivals.

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Eyelid Lifting | Magicstripes  | LOOK BEAUTIFUL PRODUCTS

The skin-friendly eyelid correction silicone patches help to create a fresh, radiant look and a younger overall radiation.

Foot Fitness | Révérence de Bastien | LOOK BEAUTIFUL PRODUCTS

Relieves the pain caused by tight shoes, high heels and eases tired feet.

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Himalayan Salt Scrub | Eco By Sonya | Look Beautiful Products

A powerful detoxifying and cleansing scrub which has a restorative effect on skin, promoting cell renewal, normalising the water balance,...

Magnetic Youth Mask

The  mask accelerates the circulation of blood and fluids, improves the transport of toxins, impurities and excess water out of the body.

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Energy Supplement

Energy Supplements have been created to increase wellbeing and vigour when you feel tired and sluggish.

Chin & Cheek Lifting Mask

The elastic hydrogel mask has been developed to reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles and wrinkles in the chin and cheek area.

Repair Hands

These moisturizing gloves stimulate the skin renewal process and help to firm, nurture and smooth the skin.

Neues Produkt

An effective cleanser for soft and smooth skin, where excess skin cells are thoroughly and gently removed.

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One Minute Pedicure | Alessandro International  |  Look Beautiful  Products

In just 60 seconds this aromatically scented sloughing foot scrub. Packed with essential oils crystals relieves stressed feet, removes scaly...

Neues Produkt
Detox Home Treatment Set | Pharmos Natur | Look Beautiful Products

 3 week detox intensive course For your face. Regenerates, strengthens and vitalizes the skin.

Neues Produkt
Cell Vital "Rose" Ampullen-Set | Pharmos Natur | Look Beautiful Products

Harmonising oil with a delicate rose fragrance. The strengthening rose blossom and sesame aroma oil pampers, regenerates and nourishes the...

Neues Produkt
Detox Europea

Detox Europea skin oil. Detoxifying. This exclusive oil made from black sesame seeds unblocks the facial skin, activates lymphatic flow,...

Neues Produkt
Anti-Aging AVELLANA Ampullen-Set | Pharmos Natur | Look Beautiful Products

Highly effective anti-ageing oil for active skin regeneration with natural light protection. The anti-aging care protects, tightens the skin and...

Neues Produkt
Anti-Stress Serum Ampullen-Set | Pharmos Natur | Look Beautiful Products

Anti-Stress Serum instant effect. Perfect cell and light-nutrition for the skin and soul with active ingredient rich plant power to de-stress...

Neues Produkt
Peelinghandschuh First Class | Spa Maroc | Look Beautiful Products

An effective cleanser for soft and smooth skin, where excess skin cells are thoroughly...

Neues Produkt
Sex Supplement

Sex Supplements increases the libido, reduces stress and tiredness, stimulates the circulation and balances the hormone levels. 

Neues Produkt
Entschlackungspaket, Pharaos Natur

The Detox Package special with  healing and rejuvenating plants provides the body with complex and unique ingredients

Spartrio - Cleansing Milk, Toning Mist & Gesichtspflegegerät mit LED

Facial cleansing and care in combination with a designer care device.

Reinigungs-Emulsion & Feuchtigkeitsspray & Gesichtspflegegerät Trio

A particularly mild skin cleansing combined with a moisturizing body spray and a designer care device.

Sparduo: Algen-Peeling & Feuchtigkeits Crème I Pharmos Natur

A finely ground algae scrub combined with an effective moisturizer for the whole day.

Sparduo - Cell-Vital Hautpflege "natural" & Feuchtigkeitsspray I Pharmos Natur

Regenerating skin care oil in combination with a moisturizing organic aloe vera spray for face, body and hair.

Sparduo - Rainforest Renew Eyeserum & Day Cream I ILA Spa

The perfect freshness kick serum for the delicate eye area combined with a light, fast-absorbing daily cream.

Sparduo - Bath Brush & Skin Tight Bodylotion

High-quality massage brush combined with a body tightening Bodylotion in five shimmering shades.

Gesichtspflegegerät, Soap & Aura Mist Trio

Face care against premature skin aging in combination with a designer care device that frees the face from unpleasant impurities.

Sparduo: Gesichtspflegegerät & Soap | LBP

Farewell to wrinkles! The source of eternal youth packaged in a duo - convince yourself of the wonderful anti-aging effect.

Sparduo: Starting Treatment Cream & Eye Cream | Secret Key

Special care: Our Anti-wrinkle care duo with a lightening effect - for a radiant face.

Sparduo - Prestige Wash Corps d’Escargot & Lotion d´Escargot

Luxury wash and bodylotion from Korea - tightens, regenerates and reduces skin mucus thanks to innovative formula - mucin!

Sparduo - Collagen Creams I It's Skin

Perfectly balanced anti-aging facial and eye care duo with phyto-collagen for dry skin.

Bath & Shower Oil Deep Relax & Relax Candle Duo | Aromatherapy Associates

Deep Relax Care with a bouquet of natural oils and a sensual scented candle.

Duo - Bath & Shower Oil Light Relax  & Relax Candle | Aromatherapy Associates

Body Care with pure natural powers combined with a sensual scented candle that relax the body and mind.

Duo - Bath & Shower Oil De-Stress Mind & Relax Candle | Aromatherapy Associates

A delicate fragrant spa experience with the essential shower and bath oils and a sensual scented candle.

 Spartrio - Duschgel & Kerze & Morgenmantel | Look Beautiful Products

Fragrant stress reliever, velvety soft morning coat and a sensual scented candle for a relaxing balance on stressful days.

Spartrio - Relax Duschgel & Kerze + Morgenmantel

Perfectly coordinated wellness set for a stressed day.

Aromatherapy Ass De-Stress Body Wash & Relax Candle Duo

Fragrant shower pleasure and sensual aromatic candle with aromatic touch.

Relax Body Wash & Candle Duo

Body care with precious oils and sensual aromatic candle with aromatic notes for a relaxing balance on stressful days.

Nagellack n° 1 | Révérence de Bastien  | LOOK BEAUTIFUL PRODUCTS

The intensive red  n°1 – Ruby Red guarantees you a sexy, glam look.

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