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NEW  We recommend the COFFEE
Body May 2019
Particularly in autumn our skin really benefits from a regular scrub. It thoroughly cleanses the skin, stimulates the circulation and refines the complexion. We recommend the COFFEE SCRUB.
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Body May 2019
Count down to the holidays: Visibly reduce cellulite in 21 days
Whether you’re a size 0 or 44, cellulite can effect everyone. We’ll tell you how you can visibly reduce cellulite in 21 days.
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Body May 2019
Firm Programme
After a firming workout it's time for beauty: With these six beautifiers you can put the finishing touches to your upper arms and thighs.
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Body April 2019
Bye, bye - cellulite!
The beach season is nearly here and the cellulite alarm sounds. If you think it only affects those with a bit more fat on their hips, you’re wrong. About 85% of all women worldwide have…
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Body June 2018
Bikini body made easy
With impressive before-and-after photos on her Instagram account, Kayla Itsines shows how her sports programme gives you the perfect bikini body within 12 weeks.
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Body April 2018
Coffee body scrub
A coffee scrub effectively reduces cellulite and leaves your skin pure and radiant.
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Body March 2018
Workout for your whole body
Exercise is essential for a healthy and defined body. What exercises make a workout effective? How often should they be done? How many times should each exercise be repeated?
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