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Since its founding in 1939, Dr Niedermaier Pharma GmbH has been setting new, revolutionary benchmarks in the preservation of natural beauty and health for millions of people. Through continuous research and technological innovation, they have become a world market leader in fermented dietary supplements and cosmetics. The REGULATESSENZ produced using the patented cascade fermentation process helps people in over 55 countries maintain their beauty and health. With incomparable effectiveness and the extraordinary anti-ageing effect of the globally unique enzyme REGULATESSENZ, Dr Niedermaier Pharma has revolutionised the beauty industry. Regulat® Beauty – the first vegan luxury cosmetics with bioavailable patented ingredients for highly effective, healthy and sustainable anti-ageing effects. Created with the aim of rising to the challenges of all skin types.

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Our era is defined by an excess of choice, and an excess of promises. At some point, it becomes more important to reflect on our roots and the true laws that define us. So it was very important to me to develop an honest, highly innovative concept of inner and outer skincare, which would use the all-encompassing power of nature to regulate the healthy balance of the skin and the whole body and bring this into absolute perfect harmony. Thanks to over 79 years of scientific experience, we were able to develop a highly complex technology (cascade fermentation) that turns healing organic plant-based nutrition into a valuable essence that regulates the skin and the body and fills them with energy. We call this unique essence ‘REGULATESSENZ’! What makes it so special: even people that tend to have allergic reactions can finally tolerate real natural cosmetics and essential supplements thanks to this new patented process - I have been through this myself and am a former neurodermatologist so I know what I’m talking about! I’ve solved

my skin problems. And now I want to help you!

Dermatological anti-ageing facial skincare for you:

Regulate - energise - maintain!

- Regulate the skin’s structure

- Energise skin cells

- Maintain a youthful complexion
- Highly effective thanks to a unique ingredient, Regulat®

REGULAT® BEAUTY is ideal for the challenges of sensitive skin over 30!

Even on allergic skin! 

98% natural ingredients - certified organic cosmetics. Without nanotechnology. Organic anti-ageing cosmetics that you can tolerate!  

Regulat Beauty facial skincare

Regulat® Beauty contains low & high-molecular hyaluronic acid - at high doses. This is the only way to reach all important skin zones to firm and tone!

- Day & night cream

- Face cream for moisture & care - also suitable for men!