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Aromatherapy Associates
Essential Oil Care Products

Aromatherapy Associates is an internationally renowned luxury wellness brand specializing in therapeutic essential oil blends that are carefully handcrafted to naturally help you sleep better, relieve stress, gain energy,build confidence and cultivate optimism.

Our essential oil blends are then incorporated into our luxurious bath, skin care and home fragrance collections so you can experience their wellness benefits holistically.

Enhance your daily bath or shower with our luxurious bath and shower oils. With up to 30% pure essential oil blends, just one capful of our bath and shower oil offers a truly therapeutic experience.

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Aromatherapy Associates

The special features of Aromatherapy Associates

  • Award winning aromatic oils and beauty products
  • Over 30 years’ experience in aromatherapy
  • Fair Trade and organically grown plants
  • Exclusive cosmetics collections, including Relax, Revive, De-stress
  • Free from parabens, synthetic colours and additives
  • Valued in fine spas and hotels in over 40 countries

The natural power of fragrances

It smells so wonderful: the exclusive beauty range pampers your whole body and your mind. Sustainability and naturalness play a central role. Aromatherapy Associates supports Fair Trade and chemical-free agriculture in accordance with organic guidelines. They believe that gently cultivated plants contain more natural benefits that nourish the skin and body without side effects. The brand has always rigorously adhered to the line „Not tested on animals“. They also use no artificial colours, parabens, mineral oils and transgenic ingredients.

Relaxation for body & mind

English elegance and a love of nature. Exotic ingredients and familiar ones. And there is always a touch of luxury added to the bouquet, which gives the beauty products a special note. With their Body Wash, Bath Oil, Relax Candle, Body Scrubs and Hair Care, the fragrance experts from London help you drift away on a gentle cloud of relaxation. The key element in Aromatherapy Associates is relaxation.

An international success story

The ethereal scents have enjoyed success and won prizes around the world. In 2015 InStyle magazine gave Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil the „Best Beauty Buys“ award. Many years of experience and a unique passion for essential oils go into every product and treatment. If you’re in London you can try it for yourself. At Aromatherapy Associates’ boutique you can enjoy their fragrant spa treatments and massages. Perfect for stressed-out Londoners. Or if you can’t visit their spa you can simply order aromatherapy treatments for your home.