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Aromatherapy Associates leads you into a fragrant realm of aromatherapy. Award-winning essential oils strengthen your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. In a pure form or as a valuable ingredient in various care products. The exclusive product series include skin care, room fragrances and scented candles that combine luxury with effectiveness. Aromatherapy Associates products are of the highest quality and contain no chemical or synthetic ingredients. The British luxury brand has won countless awards and their products are used in the finest international spas, hotels and resorts, making them a firm fixture in the beauty world.

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Aromatherapy Associates

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Sparduo - Bath & Shower Oil (De-Stress Muscle) & Relax Candle

Exclusive aromatherapy duo with natural essences, which envelops your body and soul in a royal...

Coming soon!
Bath & Shower Oil Deep Relax & Relax Candle Duo | Aromatherapy Associates

Deep Relax Care with a bouquet of natural oils and a sensual scented candle.

Coming soon!
Duo - Bath & Shower Oil Light Relax  & Relax Candle | Aromatherapy Associates

Body Care with pure natural powers combined with a sensual scented candle that relax the body...

Coming soon!
Duo - Bath & Shower Oil De-Stress Mind & Relax Candle | Aromatherapy Associates

A delicate fragrant spa experience with the essential shower and bath oils and a sensual...

Coming soon!
Aromatherapy Ass De-Stress Body Wash & Relax Candle Duo

Fragrant shower pleasure and sensual aromatic candle with aromatic touch.

Coming soon!
Relax Body Wash & Candle Duo

Body care with precious oils and sensual aromatic candle with aromatic notes for a relaxing...

Bath & Shower Oil (Revive evening) | Aromatherapy Associates

The exotic Revive Evening Bath & Shower Oil with Sensual oriental oils activates new life...

Bath & Shower Oil (Inner Strength)  Aromatherapy Associates

Delicately aromatic oils for your holistic path to inner strength and serenity

Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection | Aromatherapy Associates  

The whole world of aromatherapy in 10 Bath & Shower Oils

Bath & Shower Oil (Support Breathe)  | Aromatherapy Associates

Breathe freely and feel pampered with the essential Bath & Shower Oil „Support...

Bath & Shower Oil (Support Equilibrium) Aromatherapy Associates

Uplifting bath and shower oil that calms and relaxes with the power of essential oils.

Bath & Shower Oil (Revive Morning) Aromatherapy Associates

An aromatic energy boost for your body and mind with the Bath & Shower...

Inner Strength Candle Aromatherapy Associates

Experience the magic of 1001 night with the oriental Inner Strength Candle for your home -...

Revive Body Wash Aromatherapy Associates

Perfect energy booster for a good start to the day with the revitalizing, cleansing and...

Coming soon!
Relax Body Wash Aromatherapy Associates

Fragrant body shower gel with natural precious oils cleanses and nourishes your skin for a...

Coming soon!
De-Stress Body Wash Aromatherapy Associates

Revitalize your stressed body muscles with these fragrant shower gel from precious essential...

Bath & Shower Oil (Light Relax) Aromatherapy Associates

Exclusive & high-quality body, & shower oil with natural essences, which relax your...

Bath & Shower Oil (Deep Relax) Aromatherapy Associates

After a hard working day, deeply relaxed, soothed and recovered - this nourishing and...

Bath & Shower Oil (De-Stress Muscle) Aromatherapy Associates

Perfect body and bath oil for stressed body muscles to relax and care and for make them fit...

Coming soon!
Relax Candle Aromatherapy Associates

The Relax Candle by Aromatherapy Ass. Lets you relax, enjoy & enjoy the exotic aromas of...

Bath & Shower Oil (De-Stress Mind) Aromatherapy Associates

Exclusive body oil and bath oil with natural essences, which relax your body and mind and...

Body Brush | Aromatherapy Associates

Your skin will be radiantly fresh and revitalised after a massage from Aromatherapy...

The special features of Aromatherapy Associates

  • Award winning aromatic oils and beauty products
  • Over 30 years’ experience in aromatherapy
  • Fair Trade and organically grown plants
  • Exclusive cosmetics collections, including Relax, Revive, De-stress
  • Free from parabens, synthetic colours and additives
  • Valued in fine spas and hotels in over 40 countries

The natural power of fragrances

It smells so wonderful: the exclusive beauty range pampers your whole body and your mind. Sustainability and naturalness play a central role. Aromatherapy Associates supports Fair Trade and chemical-free agriculture in accordance with organic guidelines. They believe that gently cultivated plants contain more natural benefits that nourish the skin and body without side effects. The brand has always rigorously adhered to the line „Not tested on animals“. They also use no artificial colours, parabens, mineral oils and transgenic ingredients.

Relaxation for body & mind

English elegance and a love of nature. Exotic ingredients and familiar ones. And there is always a touch of luxury added to the bouquet, which gives the beauty products a special note. With their Body Wash, Bath Oil, Relax Candle, Body Scrubs and Hair Care, the fragrance experts from London help you drift away on a gentle cloud of relaxation. The key element in Aromatherapy Associates is relaxation.

An international success story

The ethereal scents have enjoyed success and won prizes around the world. In 2015 InStyle magazine gave Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil the „Best Beauty Buys“ award. Many years of experience and a unique passion for essential oils go into every product and treatment. If you’re in London you can try it for yourself. At Aromatherapy Associates’ boutique you can enjoy their fragrant spa treatments and massages. Perfect for stressed-out Londoners. Or if you can’t visit their spa you can simply order aromatherapy treatments for your home.

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