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Mitchell & Peach - Handcrafted, botanically inspired formulas for body and soul

An exquisite collection of fine fragrances and body care products from a fifth-generation English floriculture business. Bath oils and body care products are at the heart of Mitchell and Peach's premium British brand. Only the finest and most natural ingredients find their way into the Mitchell family's delicately scented beauty collections.

Some of the exquisite ingredients come directly from the family's own Foxbury Farm in the hills of Kent. Here, the ingredients are homegrown - from lavender to aromatic honey.

English Leaf - A bright green floral fragrance with basil, coriander, mint and tomato leaves, reminiscent of a freshly mowed meadow.

Flora No.1 - A sensual blend of homegrown lavender, rose, ylang ylang and palmarosa.

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Mitchell and Peach

The special features of Mitchell and Peach

  • Plant cosmetics from England
  • Ingredients grown on the family farm
  • Hand mixed, luxurious beauty care
  • Cosmetics that are not tested on animals
  • Free from parabens, mineral oils and artificial dyes

Exquisite formulas from the „English growers“

The English landscape is a lush paradise. In the summer the gentle hills bloom in vibrant colours. Inspired by this unique nature, Mitchell and Peach produce British elegant cosmetics according to old traditions. Foxbury Farm has been in the Mitchell family for five generations and it is now where the magic of their beauty collection happens. With their own hands the family sow, cultivate and harvest their fine lavender. They produce their own honey and exquisite essential oils that give the natural beauty care its special touch. They are mixed by hand and transformed into hand cream, shower gel, bath oil, hand soap, scented candles and body lotion.

Natural cosmetics without animaltesting

Whether you want to soften dry hands, have firmer skin or magic away dry skin on your stomach, legs and buttocks, the nourishing effects of Mitchell and Peach are unique. Every formula makes skin beautifully soft without parabens, mineral oils or artificial dyes. The focus instead is plant ingredients with ethereal, sensual fragrances to inspire. The opulent green collection „English Leaf“ contains natural extracts of citrus, coriander leaves, basil and mint, while the floral scent blend „Flora No. 1“ combines sensual ylang-ylang, palmrose, rose, English lavender and violet. Mitchell and Peach creates the right skin care for every demanding taste.