For centuries the women of the Quechua-Shuar tribe have gone deep into the Amazon rainforest to harvest the highly effective, invigorating oil that they call rahua. In the 1990s they shared this ancient knowledge with the renowned New York stylist Fabian Lliguin, who was born in Ecuador and is related to the Quechua. And so Rahua, a luxurious hair care range from Amazon Beauty was born. The precious oil is still produced by traditional methods in close cooperation with the women of the Amazon nations. This great respect for the rainforest and its cultures is evident in every drop of the 100 % natural rahua collection.

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The special features of Rahua

  • Exclusive vegan hair care
  • Contains rahua oil from the rainforest
  • Purely organic ingredients
  • Free from harmful sulphates

Natural luxury from the rainforest

The Amazon holds many secrets. The rich plant life of the mythical, lush landscape makes it a paradise for botanists – and for beauty lovers. Particularly because it’s where the rahua oil, which has an outstanding effect, is cultivated. It’s molecular structure allows the small rahua molecule to penetrate deep into hair to unleash its nourishing power. Unlike other plant oils, rahua is able to repair from the inside and the outside, smoothing the hair’s surface. The effect is: more bounce, a healthy shine and naturally beautiful volume.

Magnificent effects that vegans will love too

Rahua has got a good conscience. Their hair care contains 100 % natural ingredients, so it’s perfect for nature lovers. It’s also suitable for vegans and the sulphate-free products are ideal for during pregnancy. A kaleidoscope of highly effective superfoods and plant substances strengthen not only the health of your hair, but your skin too. Rahua, the star of the collection, nourishes the scalp and regenerates the hair. Shea butter cleanses, removes dirt and bacteria. Quinoa promotes healing, aloe moisturises and the scent of lavender calms the senses. Whether you add the shampoo, conditioner or a hair mask from the Rahua range to your beauty regime, the products from the rainforest give you a breathtaking feeling of natural luxury.

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