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Elixr - The Original: Rituals from natural medicine with certified natural cosmetics

ELIXR was founded in Munich in 2018 with the mission to bring holistic, proven rituals from natural medicine back into everyday life.

ELIXR finds that people who are emotionally balanced go through life much easier and radiate with full vitality from the heart. With ELIXR's products, the natural cosmetics brand therefore takes a holistic approach and relies on the knowledge of natural medicine traditions that have been tried and tested for thousands of years, such as TCM, Ayurveda and aromatherapy, all of which see the body and mind as a whole.

ELIXR revolutionizes a traditional beauty ritual from Ayurveda! Thanks to ELIXR, the proven beauty method becomes a feel-good and taste experience for all senses with selected essential oils from aromatherapy.



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ELIXR Detox Oil Rituals offers a modern form of detoxification that follows an Ayurvedic process of cleansing, oil pulling. This beauty ritual is three thousand years old and originates in India. The principle is very simple: one tablespoon of high quality oil is moved about the mouth in the morning for about 5-10 minutes and then spat out.

ELIXR for beauty + mind creates high quality natural cosmetic products with holistic effects.

It has numerous effects. It gives the skin a new glow, alleviates acne and dry skin. It makes teeth whites and eases gum inflammation. Hair also becomes more shiny and healthy. It detoxifies and restores the whole body. ELIXR enhances this ritual by combining base oils from Ayurveda treatment with essential oils of the finest organic quality (BDIH Cosmos certified). The essential oils improve the flavour and increase the healing effect, as well as having a positive effect on the soul. The morning ritual becomes a holistic treatment for your body and mind. It boosts your energy, harmony and health every day! 

Radiantly beautiful. From inside and out. Traditional tried and tested rituals such as oil pulling and aromatherapy have been enhancing holistic beauty and wellbeing for centuries. Amazed by its effectiveness, we made it our mission to give these rituals a modern touch and introduce them to a larger target group.

Exclusive essential oils, all vegan and naturally plant based, complimented by avant garde design, give the traditional rituals such as oil pulling and aromatherapy a new luxury image.

All our products have the BDIH COSMOS mark for strictly controlled natural cosmetics. High quality and select plant ingredients are used.

Naturally pure essential oils of the highest quality are the main component in our products.  We use no preservative, silicones, paraffins or other petroleum products.

We only use recyclable glass bottles and green electricity.

Obviously we don’t use any animal raw materials or animal testing.

Our cosmetic products are developed and bottled with our partner in our own research and control laboratory in Allgäu.